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October 30th, 1999, 09:41 PM
Could someone explain something to me about Nikodinov? What happens to her in big competitions? It seems like the last 2 years the USFSA has given her a lot of chances to prove herself and she continues to disappoint. What gives? I know she's got the jumps, but I never see any improvement in her artistry and her nerves seem to be on par with Butyrskaya's similar problem. So how much longer do you think she can hold off the young guns like Nari Nam and Sasha Cohen...and the USFSA bannishing her to satellite events.... if she continues to disappoint in key international events?

October 30th, 1999, 09:50 PM
Well Angela is only 18 years old right now and I think she is maybe suffering from some kind of physcological problem when she hits the ice? I read in a recent article that she smiles a lot off the ice but as soon as she is on it she loses the smile. Maybe its like Vanessa Atler on bars. We know that she has the talent and the difficutly to do it but in the end she doesn't pull it off. I have to say though that she really needs to get her act together though. It is still early in the season and hopefully she can pull it together by the time nationals come around.

October 30th, 1999, 09:51 PM
Her tchnique is excellent. Maybe she is a younger psychologically than her age and need more time to find her soul (or the way to express her soul). I don't think she is GIVEN the chance. Everyone EARNS her/his chance.

October 30th, 1999, 09:58 PM
Its true that Angela has had a lot of opportunities to step into the limelight, and that she's never been able to capitalize on them. And its also true that although she has very good basic technique, some of these opportunities have come because of a lack of competition, although that situation is changing rapidly. I think part of the problem was that she was getting along badly with her former coach, Peter Oppergard. That's certainly not going to help your concentration or you r consistency, much less your motivation to train. She's only been with her new coach, Richard Callaghan, since a few weeks before worlds, and there was some question regarding whether he was going to continue to coach, so aside from the confusion and chaos stemming from Mr. Callaghan's situation, there was the inevitable need to adjust to a completely new coaching style. That certainly is going to take a while as well. I don't think she has to worry about being supplanted by either NNN or Sasha Cohen this season -- Naomi only placed second in her first junior Grand Prix event of the season, and judging by Sasha's marks at Keri Lotion, the senior judges aren't really ready to give a 14 or 15 year old unknown competitive presentation marks (I'm making allowances for her tech marks because of her injury preventing her from attempting certain jumps). I don't know about Sasha, but Naomi cannot even compete in senior international events this year unless she medals at this year's junior worlds. Sarah Hughes is another matter. The fact that she beat Sokolova and Soldatova in the SP gives her a lot of credibility, despite falling to fourth in the LP. I would expect next season that the skating assignments would be SA        Kwan, Hughes and one of the young things who is qualified SC        Kwan (so she doesn't have to travel more than she has to) France    Hughes maybe even Bobek too Germany    Nikodinov and/or Bobek NHK        Hughes Russia    Nikodinov I think part of the reason Angela may be having problems is that IMO, she doesn't seem to be enjoying what she's doing. Its more a chore than a challenge. Now maybe I'm completely wrong, and I hope that I am, but she always seems to have that pained expression Kwan had during the dark days of the 97 season.

October 31st, 1999, 02:03 AM
19 y/o, she was born 5/80, and she is 2 months older than Michelle, and 4 months older than Goebel. I too want her to do better. She has very good techniques and basics, and not to mention the best layback spin.

November 1st, 1999, 03:29 PM
I read somewhere around here(I think Shallah posted it) a US judge was saying that someone who cared for Angela should see if she is really enjoying what she's doing. Every time that she can succeed in a comp she blows it, maybe not wanting it at all. If she doesn't find out, the usfsa would find out for her. Like they would stop sending her on good assignment(I am doing a REALLY BAD job of this) It is really interesting, whether it's true or not, I don't know. I've actually always enjoyed Angela's jumps, positions, programs and look on the ice. I keep thinking every year she will get it together. I really liked her program at SA and thought she looked very pretty. Maybe she was sick. I thought she looked awfully pale in the kiss and cry and she grabbed her stomach, like she was going to throw up or something. I hope she gets it together one day.

susan ba
November 1st, 1999, 04:59 PM
i was writing to you on another thread about angela... what i was trying (and not succeeding at) to say is that i'm tired of hoping that angela will do better each time i see her because as you already said, i like her technic, her layback, her positions.... i will have to take your word that her SA program was good as i couldn't bear to rewatch it. i will keep an open mind though for nationals. and yes, somebody needs to ask her if she still really likes to skate

November 2nd, 1999, 08:03 AM
After watching her performance on Sunday I'm even more baffled by what's happening to her. I read an article about her that talked about what a different person she was off the ice. That she was always laughing and smiling, but when she got on the ice she became a different person. Maybe she likes skating, but she doesn't like being the center of attention? Whatever it is, she seems very uncomfortable with knowing that everyone in the building is watching her skate. Whereas MK and most of the other competitors are very comfortable with that part of skating. I've always been a shy person myself, so I can understand if that's her problem. Whatever the problem is, SHE needs to correct it if she wants to continue skating at the international level. There's nothing anyone else can do for her but support her decisions and I hope those around her realize that and don't try to push her into being something she isn't or doesn't want to be. And I don't know that that's the case, but the girl just doesn't look very happy to me.