View Full Version : Is it me...Or does Julia really look like a Maria???

October 31st, 1999, 09:17 AM
Goodness... at Keri...Julia was looking a lot like she was trying to imitate Maria... today at SA...I thought after her dye...she looks even more like Maria... Gosh I though it was Maria skating!!! Scared me... but she's lovely to watch!!!...despite the attempt to imitate...

October 31st, 1999, 10:17 AM
OMG, Karin, I was thinking the same thing. When the her back is facing the camera she really looks like MB, and when the camera is far away from her she does too.

October 31st, 1999, 10:49 AM
Well, let's hope she doesn't pick up anything more from Maria. I can think of several Russian women, including Maria, who have become very *****y after becoming a little successful and hitting the hair dye. Do you suppose its the affect of the peroxide on their heads? (P.S. Was Julia wearing that awful day glow orange outfit she wore for Keri? Maybe I'm wrong, but I think she'd make an odd looking blonde, and that costume would really cap off the bizarre appearance.)

October 31st, 1999, 11:29 AM
Well, Karin, I must disagree in that I thought Julia's presentation was....well, let's just say, not good. I didn't much care for her at Keri or Grand Slam, and I liked this performance even less. I agree with every disparaging remark made by Peggy and Mr. Button, and thought that Sarah was way, way ahead in that area. I couldn't have found better words than @#%$ and Peggy used to point out the difference between Michelle's "restraint' and Julia's (and I think Maria's) excess. And sw, Yulia, Maria, Elena, and I think Angela (RUS) :) have all been attacked by the illusion-and-chest-patches-only-from-the waist-up monster. So Julia's gone from awful day-glo to nice colors, just not very much material. Julia's also picked up, or somehow naturally acquired, Maria's flawed layback position and spirals. I don't mean to sound mean, but I wasn't pleased with this performance of J.'s

October 31st, 1999, 01:47 PM
I can't believe this topic-I came to Spoilers just to start a topic on how Yulia is copying Maria, and Karin beat me to it! It's not just the hair, the spiral & layback. Her combination spin is the same too, only Yulia doesn't do it as well. I really liked her natural hair color better. I don't say this to be mean, but I was much more impressed by her at last year's worlds & thought she was looking good for the future. Instead, she hasn't improved at all-in fact, just the reverse. It's a shame. Also, I didn't think her choreography had anything to do with the music-at the end where the piano part gets really strong, she is skating like it's the slow part of the music. I thought Elena should have been 2nd & Yulia 3rd.

October 31st, 1999, 07:45 PM
Why was her music familiar to me (unfortunatly) who else has skated to it?

November 1st, 1999, 07:16 AM
If you're going to copy someone, for heavens sake, plagiarize from someone better than Maria Butyrskaya! Steal only from the best. :-) Seriously, while I liked Julia's music much better than the program at Keri, which didn't suit her at all, (this is not a perfect match, but an improvement) I think my problems were as follows. (1) She's not Michelle Kwan, but that's not her fault, so I won't hold it against her. (2) She seems bent over a good portion of the time, and I don't like the way she holds her back; (3) She skates through the music, not *to* the music -- you could have turned the volume off and I don't think it would have made a difference; (4) she is way, way too bouncy, if you know what I mean, no oozing; (5) I agree with Mr. Button re all that arm flailing -- she could cut the number of movements in half, give them more meaning, hold them longer, and it would look better. As for the costume, yes I did note the generous amount of illusion fabric and strategically placed oversize daisies. Its by no means the most awful costume I've seen a Russian skater wearing, but its not very flattering. The costume is supposed to flatter and complement the skater, not detract from their performance.

November 1st, 1999, 08:29 AM
I had never heard of it before yesterday, but I noticed that right before she skated, ABC showed that her music was by Raul di Blasio, who I think is the same composer that did Maria's Otopal/Otonal/whatever it's called. Maybe that it why it sounded familiar.

November 1st, 1999, 10:07 AM
SW, I agree on the things you did not care for in Julia's presentation. I'll just add that I think the thing I dislike the most about it is that, although she has a very fluid, expressive upper body and arms, she doesn't use them to create and hold line. She for the most part moves very quickly from one position to another (hence the "arm flapping", but it's her upper body too), and doesn't hold a position long enough to let us see line and extension. I thought that Sarah, though not yet at her best in many ways, is very advanced in this one, in that she creates very extended-line positions with her arms, torso, and legs, and holds them. I think Peggy remarked on that.

November 1st, 1999, 12:42 PM
I guess I would characterize the difference in artistry between these three ladies as follows: Yulia uses only her arms for choreography, and neither she nor her coach seems to have realized that half the movement could mean twice as much if it was well thought out, well choreographed and held. Maria is more what I would call an actress, she uses her eyes, her facial expressions and her arms to convey her artistic intent, however, again there is sometimes arm movement for the sake of arm movement, and with the exception of some of her footwork, her upper body's choreography seems to have little or nothing to do with what her feet are doing. There's a lot of prancing and posing and trying to establish a mood while the legs don't do much of anything. One figure skating judge once said that while Oksana Baiul skated from the waist up, Michelle Kwan skates from the toes up. I really like this description. Michelle skates with every part of her being, literally. Take her Rach 3 SP, for example. At the very beginning, all she does is hold her arms out, palms facing outward, head flung back, and running forward on her toes. The position is held for a few seconds, and everything is static except for her feet, and yet its a lovely tableau and very striking. All those lovely little details which add up to seemless connecting moves and make even a jump seem effortless and artistic. Her artistry is conveyed through actual movement, edging, elements, rather than stopping and preening. She's like Beethoven's great works, in a way. Every note seems like a logical and natural progression of the next, as if no other possible combination could have existed, and to remove even one note would diminish the musical piece.

November 1st, 1999, 02:17 PM
I feel that both Maria and Julia fling their arms the same way... NOT too attractive!!!

November 1st, 1999, 03:02 PM
Do you think because Tara was so successful at arm flapping(almost taking off in flight)that maybe they think that is the way to go? Seriously, she got 5.9's and a lot of medals with that formula. When in doubt, move your arms alot, you'll get a better 2nd mark. On a silly note, @#%$ really cracked me up when Peggy was talking about all the excessive wrist movements and under his breath @#%$ says "OH GAWD"! Another gem from Mr. Button.

November 1st, 1999, 03:24 PM
Flap your arms like "CHICKEN WINGS stuck to a TORSO"!!! Now I wonder...(for those Pokemon fans!!!)... how about a Psyduck move???... 6.1???

susan ba
November 1st, 1999, 05:06 PM
karin, you beat me to this too. i totally thought she looked like maria, not just looks, but movements too. and everyone said such germane things that i don't need to say anything else!

November 1st, 1999, 05:16 PM
SW, your analysis is so apt. I remember reading someone's (S. Loosemore?) discussion on how what skating really was about was total control of the blade on the ice. Consider the body an extension of the blade, and that's Michelle. Every movement, every position at every moment, is under her complete control, in that she has perfect placement of all parts of her body to convey the meaning that she wants to convey. All movements and poses purposeful, no excess, no meaninglessness, no un-meant positions or movements. I can't think of any other skater of whom one could say that.

November 2nd, 1999, 01:19 PM
Sometimes I like to pop in one of my Briano Boitano videotapes and just watch his feet. Nothing but beautiful, secure, deep edges. His edging is so distinctive (at least to me) that when the various networks have one of those little blurbs showing a skater's feet jumping or spinning, I can usually tell when its him just from his feet/edging. sw "No, I don't have a foot fetish" 10025