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October 31st, 1999, 06:06 AM
Wow...the Austrian judge has good taste!!!...not saying the others don't but wow!!!... MK probably made history again for winning a 6.0 despite a fall!!! She is so awesome!!! Has that ever been done before??? Wow!!! I'm thinking...like Frank Carroll said... the judges must have really appreciated MK's RV program!!!... I watched it again from worlds exhib last year...and I have the song in my head... it must have been so spell-binding last night!!!...in awe!!! The music is so powerful, so enchanting, and haunting in a way!!!...it's incredible!!! I luv MK!!! Yeh!!! 6.0 !!! Hey...if MK got a 6.0 despite a fall...may be next time with a perfect program...we'll see a 6.1!!!...if the computer system permits!!! Hee hee...

October 31st, 1999, 06:16 AM
ITA--when I watched it at the World Exh. last year, I said to myself, "Oh, my goodness. This program is a cut above your typical exhibition." Also, apparently, the rest of the presentation marks were mostly 5.9s. Like the worlds, the fall was at the end, so by then, the judges had seen 6 perfect triples. So she doesn't make one at the end: so what? She will next time. It's about time Michelle gets the recognition she deserves for EVERYTHING she does on the ice. There are some other great skaters, but very few work so hard on ALL aspects of the skating--the technical, the artistry, the music, the choreography, new programs, improving laybacks adding new moves, trying to stay fresh after being in the limelight since 1993. Attending UCLA and living in dorm. Wow, it's really a tall order! Way to go Austria and Way to go Michelle!

October 31st, 1999, 06:21 AM
ITA Ginny!!! I'm thinking RV may soon replace Lyra for my fave program... no... it can't !!! Ah!!!... everything MK does is exceptional!!!... brilliant!!!... MK is a gem of the gems... Hey how's this??? It's real cheesy but... What sets MK apart is that the rest a cubic zicronias...you get the occassional diamonelle...AND Michelle Kwan is the diamond!!! I guess the judges knew MK was the genuine gem out there!!! MK is so sparkly!!!

October 31st, 1999, 06:31 AM
but someone on another thread pointed out that AUS is Australia. AUT is Austria.

October 31st, 1999, 06:39 AM
According to this article from CBS... Kwan so impressed the judges with her all new routine that the two-time world champion drew a perfect 6.0 from the Austrian judge despite a fall. It was the 42nd career 6.0 for the 19-year-old Olympic silver medalist but the first one given for a performance in which she fell. Kwan landed six perfect triple jumps but fell on the seventh, a flip. "It's a complete contrast. People have followed me for so many years, I wanted to do something totally different," she said of her long program to music called "Red Violin". "The marks for artistry were outstanding. They make me very pleased, particularly considering she had a mistake," said Kwan's longtime coach Frank Carroll. "It's a really tough program. I think it takes a great artist to perform to it." That's where I got the idea it was Austrian!!!... oh well...

October 31st, 1999, 06:47 AM
Sorry, Australia! G'day mate! and thanks for the 6.0!!!! I've been to Melbourn and love it there...

October 31st, 1999, 06:59 AM
WOW! Michelle did a 3 flip at the end! That's a change! I really appreciate her trying something new. I can't wait to see this program! When I saw it at the Exh-- gave me chills! So haunting and beautiful! NowI expect there to be theatrical lighting for her LP!

October 31st, 1999, 07:35 AM
Finally, we see a judge being able to separate the two areas of judging.Michelle's artistry...excuse me is so magnificent...that in my opinion it is always a 6...or at least a 5.9. I am so tired of people who jump, but flail their arms, and have lousy positions and edges, butt-sticking out spirals, etc. If someone does 7 quads...give him sixes ...but if the rest of the program s---s, give fives...Conversely, for the atistic well-presented skated who scales down jumps or falls. The perhaps the message will go out that well-balanced skaters are what the skating world wants....IMO. but I'm tired of the flailing, stinkily choreographed quad-squad, and the jumping-bean, grotesquely-positioned dervishes...Sorry...

October 31st, 1999, 07:44 AM
No bashing intended...but MB seems to be the kinda skater who gets high presentation marks despite yucky things she does!!!

November 4th, 1999, 04:59 PM
The austrian judge was totally wrong for giving Michelle a 6.0. Thank god, the 8 or 7 other judges disagreed with him/her. Karin has a great point. What happens if Michelle landed that 3flip with a clean program? Would she then get a 6.1? Marks are all relative...too bad the Austrian judge inflated his/her mark to 6.0, which is uncalled by most skating authorities.

November 4th, 1999, 05:07 PM
I don't think it was TOTALLY wrong for the AUT judge to give a 6.0, but I could definitly see the contraversy over it. I'm not going to say anything about what I think... too difficult. On one had, she had VERY beautifully presentation in her program. But then, she did fall... but then, again, like others have been saying, what if she hadn't fallen? a 6.1?? So, I can't make up my decision. It wouldn't matter which way it went, to me, though.

susan ba
November 4th, 1999, 05:16 PM
wait. a six doesn't mean perfection in skating. someone else on another thread wrote that the 6.0 is interpreted as a program that is clearly above the rest...read the skate america, michelle is INCREDIBLE thread on MK chat. if you realize this definition, the aut judge didn't inflate her mark at all. although i'm not sure that 'I' would have given MK the six, i think that it was justifiable

November 4th, 1999, 05:28 PM
Okay, I guess I'll have to explain further... A 6.0 DOES MEAN PERFECTION AND FAULTLESS/FLAWLESS. Susan, 6.0 DOES NOT only means that it is clearly above the rest. The marks are all relative. So, if Michelle has 5.8/5.9s across the board for Presentation, she would still be "clearly above the rest". 6.0 is the ultimate mark that you can get. According to ISU rules, 6.0 is given only when the program is performed to the fullest potential with a flawless program. So, Michelle's peformance at SA was not her fullest potential. However, if Soldatava or Sarah Hughes scored a 5.8/5.9 for presentation, then giving a 6.0 to Michelle is totally justified. However, as all of us know, that was not the case. From what I know, the Austrian inflated his/her marks...and, the rest of the other judges think so as well.

November 4th, 1999, 05:39 PM
Why is there such a debate about MK's 6.0??? Does it matter??? Aren't you guys happy for her???...if anyone deserves a 6.0...it's MK!!!...and nobody else!!! It's not like it was the 6.0 that made MK win!!!...she is amazing!!! I think it's neat how she gets at least 1 6.0 everytime!!!...it makes MK special!!!

November 4th, 1999, 05:55 PM
Karin, of course it should matter; otherwise you would not make this thread. It also matters because it is only right to educate fans or others who are interested in sport. I know it may be hard for all of us Kwan fans to realized deep down that Michelle's 6.0 was not warranted. Yes, of course I'm happy for her, because she did an excellent job performing it for the first time. If 6.0s are so easily given, then those 6.0s may not be as special. To me, that 6.0 at SA was not special at all...but all those 6.0s at '98 Nationals were. And, it does not take a rocket scientist to know the difference...

November 4th, 1999, 06:08 PM
I'm no rocket scientist...just a u student studying stats!!!...I luv data and numbers... I thought MK's 6.0 showed the world that her quality is so far beyond, so superior... IF a 6.0 is ever ONLY awarded for a PERFECT performance...then NO ONE should EVER be awarded!!!...because NO ONE is EVER EVER perfect!!!...there is always flaws if you have to nitpick!!! But Doby...I understand very well...your point-of view, and appreciate it. But, I also appreciated the 6.0...it shows that the fall didn't REALLY interdere with the fall...it's not like she lied there and was suck...she popped back up within a millisecond... It's nice to show the world that "perfection" is not based on a definition in a textbook!!! 6.0's indicate how the skater made an impression on the judges!!!...I guess MK captivated the Austrian judge!!!

November 4th, 1999, 06:19 PM
Karin. LOL...I guess I have nothing else to say to convince you. BTW, I admire you for sticking up for Michelle at all times...a true Kwan Mania. :-)

November 4th, 1999, 06:19 PM
I agree with Doby. 6.0's should be for something truly amazing ie: LuLu's 96 Worlds Lp and Michelle's Lyra at Nationals.

November 4th, 1999, 06:33 PM
What do you want them to do about it now? Take it back? I myself probably would have saved it for a clean performance, but there IS a judge on the Skatefans list who thought it was deserved.

November 4th, 1999, 06:34 PM
Doby...I admit I always defend MK...but NOT 100% of the time. I mean, at least once I criticized her for being rude...and I even commented on how I though her new sp dress is not too nice!!!...to put it in a nice way!!! It's NOT really me sticking up for MK here. I honestly feel she deserved it!!! But hey, this debate is in my family too. My papa and I were on the phone arguing about it!!! He said "how stupid is that...bla bla bla..."!!! Although the conversation was only intended to be about dinner for tomorrow night!!!... Then my boyfriend said the same thing you did...(about special)but I guess it's a matter of opinion...and yes...I'm very stubborn so!!!...even if my boyfriend proposed to me right now...I would still argue with him...and even if papa offered me a whole season of MK tickets...I would still say MK deserved the 6.0!!!/...because I guess I really appreciated the performance!!!...and the beauty of it!!! Laine...you forgot MK's Salome at worlds...hee hee... And yes, I know what you mean by 98 Nationals 6.0 special...but MK is outstanding...

November 4th, 1999, 06:34 PM
hehehehe ... Laine, are you the same Laine in FSW? Just curious. And, what do you see in Lulu that makes her your most favorite?

November 4th, 1999, 06:41 PM
hee hee... Is it actually Laine??? or is it pronounced Lainey???...are you a guy or gal???... I'm just curious too!!!...me nosey as usual... See, I get bad when people call me Karen!!! LOL... :O)

November 4th, 1999, 06:44 PM
If Maria can get a 5.9 for 2 falls...it's only reasonable for MK to get a 6.0 for one fall!!!... hee hee hee... And BTW again... the judge has good taste... Hey, her name is even Karin!!!...special!!!

November 4th, 1999, 06:51 PM
I'm not sure about the person at skatefan. If it's Swan Hill, she may be blinded by her own biases. Sometimes, she doesn't give you the full story or explaination (re. judging/scoring). BTW, 6.0 is not really about just "a matter of opinion". Judges have to go by the books, if not...marks would be all over the place. Karin. It's not good to compare competitions to competitions, especially what you aree refering to was a Pro Am v.s. Gran Prix event. Regardless though, and believe it or not, a 5.9 from one competition DOES NOT mean the same in another. Yeah, that's kind of weird about the scoring system. There's so much misconception...

November 4th, 1999, 07:03 PM
Of course I know there is a difference between pro-am's and ones that are not!!! I'm not as clueless as you may think...I assure you that my hypothalamus, my hippocampus, my frontal lobes, my occipital lobes are operating and functioning perfectly fine!!! LOL...guess my sarcasm didn't get expressed too well!!!...not effectibely as I had hoped (sigh!!!) Oh well... LOL!!! And if ALL the judges went by the book... things would be really different right now... But I won't go to Nagano...LOL... OK Doby...you keep your opinion (and if you insist on opposing the 6.0, may be you should write to the judge!!!...and express your thoughts on misleading the public!!!), I'll stick with mine!!! I don't see the point in debating any further...because no matter what you say or do...or what I say or do...the 6.0 was given and that's that!!!... And I do respect your opinion...and appreciate you sharing your "insight"... :-) It's nice to know how intellignet MK fans are... tho you may disagree... but NOW I am going to enjoy Skate Canada!!!... BTW... I am happy about MK...and now I'm going to bed in a good mood!!!... keep my bp normal so I can stay healthy and keep watching MK get 6.0's!!!...even IF she falls!!! Hahaha...(hope she won't fall!!!) So if you'd like to continue dwelling on how MK shouldn't have gotten the 6, and be unhappy about it...go ahead... and focus on the negative as you wish... MK...the Queen of 6.0's!!!... Karin off to bed with normal lub dub lub dub lub dub rhythm...(Goo???) Sweet dreams...for Karin!!!

November 4th, 1999, 07:36 PM
Karin. Thanks for the laugh. Nice "chatting" with you. Have a very good night. :-)