View Full Version : One of the judges reaction to MK's sp at Skate Canada...NOT

November 7th, 1999, 07:34 AM
I think one of the judges really really liked MK's ADITL (if not all)!!!... I'm not sure if he is actually a judge or just the referee standing by...but he was sitting in the middle of the panel!!! When MK was waving and doing her cute little courtseys...he had this big smile on his face!!!...It was a really huge smile!!!

November 7th, 1999, 07:52 AM
Hey KARIN I saw that too! Did you guys see the lady judge on the panel with a blue jacket laught *i think* when Yagundin fell on his spiral? You can see it in the slow motion right after when he came out of his betsi squat move after the fall. Since Delphi chat is so troublesome for many, I am working at getting a new chatroom for MK's fans !!!

November 7th, 1999, 07:54 AM
I think it was a "oh man...ouch!!!" expression!!! But that guy had a glowing smile about MK didn't he??? :O) Cardiologist Dr. Googoo...lub dub lub dub!!!...sorry we got carried away and forgot... I edited mine as you can see!!!

November 7th, 1999, 08:06 AM
Hello! SC hasn't been aired yet everywhere!!! ;o)

November 7th, 1999, 08:16 AM
Googoo...Was telling you guys that a judge was smiling...a spoiler??? Oopsies if it was!!! Lub dub lub dub lub dub...waiting for ladies' final results!!!

November 7th, 1999, 08:36 AM
Well, saying that Yags fell on his spiral is DEFINITELY a spoiler! ;) And saying that a judge is smiling kind of implies that Michelle skated really well ;)

November 7th, 1999, 08:37 AM
Diane...but it wasn't me!!!...It was Gentle...LOL!!!

November 7th, 1999, 08:42 AM
yes Karin, I know..I wasn't directing my statement at you really. Anyway, as I just put in my edited post above, saying a judge is smiling implies that Michelle skated well, and that is a spoiler.

November 7th, 1999, 08:51 AM
well Jenny will have to move it!!!... I guess U R right...but I was just thinking of how much he enjoyed the interpretation of ADITL!!!... Anywayz...LOL myself!!! Still wainting for results!!!...