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February 11th, 2000, 06:17 PM
I just saw the short program and all what Michelle needs to do tomorrow is just keep her butt off the ice because I have a feeling Michelle comepetition will fall apart tomorrow. I know Michelle had a fall but what were those judges thinking giving Sarah and Sasha 5.9 for presentation? I mean, No international judge would give those two 5.9's for the performances that they did tonight. But they did skate clean so they deserve some good marks but not no 5.8's or 5.9's for presentation. Anyway, the Swan will win the long program tomorrow night, eventhough I'll be too scared to watch, I tape it and find the result 1st before I watch. Go Michelle

February 11th, 2000, 06:21 PM
I thought Sasha's presentation was quite wonderful.

February 11th, 2000, 06:30 PM
I thought her presetation was quite wonderful also. Maybe a little pretencious.

February 11th, 2000, 06:48 PM
I was so irritated with the comparison. Last year her layback free leg wasn't right, so she changed it, now her back isn't arched enough!

February 11th, 2000, 06:54 PM
on your prediction for tomorrow night. By the way I liked your other post about having a nightmare, it lightened things up for me. And I also like that pic of Venus.

February 11th, 2000, 06:55 PM
And I was suprise with the way Dick Button was acting towards Michelle tonight. He used to always talk how great Michelle was and tonight it looked like he was in love the that Sasha girl. And is it me or does it look like Niomi is about 6" taller than last year.

February 11th, 2000, 07:13 PM
A couple of things -- I agree with Jamahl about D. Button. What spur was he sitting on tonight? His tone when talking about Michelle was very disdainful. I guess he's mad because she won't go pro and give his World Pro competition a Michelle/Tara rematch? Hmmm. I could be on to something. The other comment I had was about the presentation scores for Sasha Cohen and Sarah Hughes. I thought they were a little high. By about .2. Sorry, Sarah fans, but her style does nothing for me. She too gangly and awkward in hitting her positions. The movements look forced and childlike and don't have any emotional purpose or understanding to them. I thought Sasha's presentation was okay, but once again I was reminded of a little kid playing at being a prima ballerina. She reminds me a lot of Katherine Healy when she was that age. (And I don't mean that as a good thing!) I do think she's got lots of potential, though. She's just not in Michelle's class with her presentation. What I think is that the judges were rewarding them a few tenths for their obvious enthusiasm. I do think Michelle is going to have to put up or shut-up tomorrow night. Tonight I thought she skated scared. She's going to have to muster up some enthusiasm and fighting spirit for tomorrow's competition. The Kiddie Parade may be inexperienced enough to leave the door open by making mistakes, but Michelle can't rely on their stage-fright to win her the National title again. I can easily see Sasha Cohen becoming this year's Tara. It's really kind of strange, but every year or so Michelle seems to need a nudge to make her go for the next level.

February 11th, 2000, 07:20 PM
I agree to me Cohen's presentation does look forced. I disagree with the 5.9 and 5.8. But I really didn't think MK looked scared. I think she got too relaxed after the combo and maybe didn't concentrate hard enough for the 3 toe??

February 11th, 2000, 10:05 PM
Sasha certainly does not have the presentation that Michelle has, it does look a little forced, but it is nice. I didn't think Michelle looked nervous either. It just seemed like one of those things. She didn't look like '97 or '99 Worlds. I think it really surprised her.

February 11th, 2000, 11:01 PM
Dick Button has always raved about new talent. And he has always gotten more critical of skaters as they get older and have been around a while, particularly if he doesn't see them growing and doing new things. He loved Irina S. in her early years, turned on her for not developing, and now loves her again. He's been hard on Michelle all year, I think, because he doesn't see her doing anything especially new.

February 12th, 2000, 04:42 AM
I think MK does listen to Button and Peggy's comments!!!...they do help her improve!!! Next year...she'll come back with more arch on her back!!!... and wow them...and us!!!...not just with THE perfect layback...but with everything!!! :-)

February 12th, 2000, 04:45 AM
In her report, Sandra Loosemore said that Cohen lacked a little bit speed and power (compared with Sarah and I'm sure MK for that matter)...which will tend to show up in the presentation mark. It's hard to be an accurate judge of that kind of thing on TV.

February 12th, 2000, 07:03 AM
SHs presentation is in the qualifty of her edges, and she feels the music, better than SC. Actually beautiful as Sasha is, she still comes in a very slight like a junior skater, and her spins are not centered as least compared to NNN. I think MK has lost stamina in the past few months. For one thing she has lost too much wt. I watched with my brother and sister - in -law, and they don't follow f.s.. My brother comment, "Kwan is all grown, i.e. she is tall." My sister in - law also said MK looks very tall. I think MK has not gained any ht, but with the wt lost , she looks taller. I think she is practically working with a new body, + school and stuff are draining her energy. As her die hard fan, i really don't care how she places, but I hope she is healthy and happy.

February 12th, 2000, 08:00 AM
He likes to play "Devil's advocate". Whenever Mk is rolling along, he picks her apart. When she is "down" she's fabulous again and he talks about all her wonderful qualities. I guess they have to make it exciting for ratings. Nationals '99: "satisfying" Worlds '99: "even with the fall, she BETTER than ANYONE ELSE!" "this program is so superior" "she is MAGNIFICENT" etc. In the end he and Peggy really love Michelle and I think they root for her to win and do well. But I'm mad at Peggy right now. I do however love her new haircut.

February 12th, 2000, 08:22 AM
LOL Rene. You are so right about Dick when it comes to his commentating. When MK is doing badly he roots for her big time. And he DEFINITELY loves the new young skaters. I had a flash back to TL's LP at 97 Nat's and how excited he was then too. I like Peggy's new hair cut too. :)