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February 12th, 2000, 06:13 PM
YES!!!! Michelle has captured her fourth national title!! I was holding my breath all through her program. It was so mesmerizing! I have to adimit, I was kind of chanting 'fall...fall...' while others skated. I think the final standing is very fair b/c althought SC and SH might've been better technically, but they all fell. So it's only fair that Michelle takes the GOLD! Ok, I am kind of disappointed at NNN's program. I think she was really rushing it through. Ok, I just had to get that out. I am so happy for Michelle. She's worked hard to obtain this title. :)

Liz D.
February 12th, 2000, 06:27 PM
I'm so happy that Michelle won!! She is once again our National Champion!! I also did the same thing: I chanted fall, fall while others skated. hehe :-) I'm so glad that Michelle won! I prayed for her before she skated. Michelle just proved tonight that she still is the best! YEAH!!

February 12th, 2000, 06:36 PM
Ah.....! I feel very much relieved now. I'm glad that I skipped the Valentine's Dance and instead watched this competition. It has definately been worthy of the cause. Originally, I thought I'd miss this b/c of a debate tournament, but thank GOD they ended that just in time for me to rush back home and get glued to the tv... MK WON!!! I just had to say that. Too overwhelming for me right now...emotionally...

February 12th, 2000, 07:00 PM
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February 12th, 2000, 07:05 PM
You are naughty naughty girls! Shame on you! ;o) Song what do you mean by "althought SC and SH might've been better technically, but they all fell."? They would have been better if they didn't fall? I'm so surprised that Dick B didn't mention SC's flutzes. GASP! ;o)

February 12th, 2000, 07:34 PM
Googoo...sorry about that comment, let me clarify my original intent. Ok, SH's 3/3 was amazing, and SC's 3's was consistent. MK (IMO) was a bit shaky tonight w/ couple of her 3's. If u go move by move, than the first two outweights MK's program. However, I think she did a magnificient job (although not her best program), and since figure skating is a combination of artistry and technicality, hence, MK is the best skater of the evening. Since SH, SC, and MK all fell...it's only fair to let MK take the title. SH and SC both did well, but their interpretation of their music just doesn't touch me like Michelle does. IMO, the judges might've given the title to SC if she didn't fall on her 3loop. One thing good about Dick Button tonight was the fact that he predicted MK to take the title. On SC's flutzes...can someone clarify that for me? I didn't really notice that w/ her jumps.

February 12th, 2000, 07:53 PM
that I'm not the only mean, rotten, selfish Kwanatic who was actively hoping for the competitors to fall. Its still not nice and right of me, but at least I feel better than I'm not the only one who let their partisan interests get the upper hand over what Lincoln called "our better natures". I don't even want to know what my heart rate was during Cohen's program (I could actually feel and hear it beating rapidly. Yikes!) as she started ticking off the more difficult elements with only a little bauble here and there and it began to look like she would skate clean and then whammo, totally unexpected fall on a relatively easy jump. Guess Michelle wasn't the only skater who took the 3toe for granted, lost concentration, and took a dive. On the other hand, Sasha seems like a really nice kid, and I'm also relieved for her own sake that she didn't become the national champion. I can still see the media swarming all over her and touting her as the best thing since sliced bread, just like they did with Naomi last year, and look what happened to her. I hope and pray that John Nicks has learned his lesson from the NNN fiasco, but I'm not optimistic, given his seeming desire to promote and advocate his students even to the point where it is to their own detriment, where they cannot possibly live up to all the hype and expectations, and where the pressure becomes too great. Had she won, the pressure, attention and expectations would have been that much worse. I pray that her parents can help keep her on an even keel, emotionally and psychologically, and keep the media from exploiting her.

February 12th, 2000, 09:28 PM
I didn't have the chance to download it, well it didn't turn out well, my lovely computer. Thanks! Oh and for those wondering how I held off....well, I was not going to be spoiled by finding out the results, but someone accidently sent me an IM on AOL that Michelle won, but I still didn't know how she did. While I wish she could have skated cleanly, I am still happy that she attacked and was so determined. She's a champion, no denying that and she showed it tonight.

February 12th, 2000, 10:08 PM
It's nice to see Michelle Kwan win her fourth national title, but her skating was so uninspired. She seemed tentative and closed, the last time I ever saw such a detached performance, it was in Nagano. Her technical elements were not up to the par of excellence, even if she did land six triples. Her triple loop seems to be giving her a lot of trouble these days, and her landings on some of the jumps were a little labored. Her spins seemed to be forced out, executed with little speed. This seems to be a common element in her competitive skating this season. She was fighting throughout her program, but if she continues to deliver this sort of performance against Irina at Worlds, I don't know if she'll win. I'm sorry, I've never used this word in reference to a Kwan performance, but it was just blah. I was surprised how high her presentation marks were, considering that she was going through the motions. Very sloppy. I don't dispute her victory, it's just not a very satisfying one, esp. considering Worlds coming up.

February 13th, 2000, 05:31 AM
except that I'd go as far as to say that SARAH HUGHES outskated Michelle. I know I'll leave many here gnashing teeth by my heresy. And please, I'm not defecting from Michelle Kwan camp by any means but I think Sarah Hughes was more impressive. gala, feeling strangely deflated today about MK's win I don't know why I'm not so thrilled with MK's win. By gosh, I have been praying for her to win. But not like this. Not like this. I'm sorry fellow MK fans. I honestly think Michelle skated WAY below her potential. She not only fell once, not only wobbled on another jump, but gave out a less than stellar performance even in the presentation department. Sarah's presentation was meticulous and gorgeous. She also happened to do 3 sal/ 3 loop. MK wouldn't be given the benefit of seniority come Worlds. She better be A DARN SIGHT BETTER THAN THIS at Worlds. GO MICHELLE! PUT IT INTO THE NEXT GEAR AT WORLDS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

February 13th, 2000, 06:27 AM
(((((((((galafiend)))))))))) has come out of hiding. YYYYIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE Leave it to Our Girl Michelle to bring gala out. No wonder she looked somewhat lackluster, for her, last night. She was struggling to do more than win her fourth National title. LOL!! Anywaaaaayyyzzz...the funny thing about this win for Michelle is that, for me, it's more of a relief than a joy. I too think that Sarah got the short end of the stick last night. Not that Sasha isn't a cutie, but Sarah did have stronger technical content and more maturity. At any rate, I probably would have placed her second and Sasha third. As much as I love Michelle, and also feel that she's been gyped enough times in the past to deserve a few gifts every now and then, one thing she definately had in her favor last night was that I think the USFSA did not want to crown a National champion that they couldn't send to Worlds unconditionally. Well at any rate, Michelle did win 8 of 9 judges. The interesting thing I think is that Sarah won the other first place ordinal, not Sasha, as I would have thought. <FONT COLOR=RED><FONT SIZE=7>Congratulations Michelle!!!!</FONT COLOR></FONT SIZE> Thanks for reminding us that there is an undeniable force of balance in the universe. For one who skates to recordbreaking near perfection with 15 perfect scores of 6.0, must also skate a labored and lackluster performance on occassion. ;-) Now Y~O~U~N~G L~A~D~Y!!! - That's enough balance. Get it into gear and knock out some kicken programs, full of fire, at Worlds!!!

February 13th, 2000, 06:45 AM
Sometimes in baseball, a team will play a sloppy game and pull out a win in the bottom of the 9th,12-11. They will say something like..."a win is a win". I think that's how we need to look at this. For those people crying out that Michelle was held up...ok, maybe a little, but the overall placements were right. I wonder how Scott Hamilton's olympic win would be recieved today? (it wasn't his best performance). Or Nancy's 1993 Nationls win (when she was absolutely terrible and still won)? Michelle was "held up" while completing 6 triples, complex and sophisticated footwork, great line, good connecting moves and a balanced program. I mean geez....it wasn't like she was wiping the floor up. So maybe I'm touchy about this...as much as I love SC and SH, they still look a little "wet behind the ears" to me. Time will tell how great these younger skaters become. Look at NNN. Last year the buzz was that she would win this year. I will admit to being an avid MK fan. But, I'd like to think I could think fairly about her competitions. I believe she deserved first. When teams "win ugly", they go back, regroup and come out to fight another day. Let's hope our MK can do the same. I'll still love her skating no matter what. Sorry for the long post....for someone who doesn't like posting I can go on and on LOL!

February 13th, 2000, 06:46 AM
Somewhere on Comp Results at FSW, there is a post from someone who attended the competition - Jayar, I think? - anyways, he/she said that Sarah skated rather slowly. I know that the tv cameras can distort the perception of speed, so perhaps that is the reason Sarah came in third? Because Michelle just looked so darn slow on tv last night that my hubby even noticed ;) and I was so worried about it! Schmeck, heading back to FSW to find that post again

February 13th, 2000, 06:59 AM
((((((DEETLEBORG))))) and a huge YIPPEEEEEEEEEE to you too! You know what? I'm hugely RELIEVED myself she won. Just imagine MK going to Worlds not as a US champ! Like the Worlds judges need more excuses to put her down. also feel that she's been gyped enough times in the past to deserve a few gifts every now and then, one thing she definately had in her favor last night was that I think the USFSA did not want to crown a National champion that they couldn't send to Worlds unconditionally. ITA on both counts! It's just that I feel bad for Hughes and Cohen, you know? I think they were both GORGEOUS, poor things. And why were the marks so low on Andrea Gardiner? And Nikodinov too, in a way... I was very surprised to see Hughes in bronze. Can't believe she didn't get at least a silver. But then Sasha was just amazing ... Gosh, USA ladies are hot hot hot!!!!!! LOL I'll tell you what I was THRILLED to see, though. The sight of MK not getting FUNKED OUT. She remained calm and just plowed on, like the trooper she is. It all of a sudden dawned on me that she's a Grand Dame already, ROTFL Imagine!!! our Michelle!!! Already a grand dame! Seems just yesterday when tiny, reedy MK was the one scaring the pants off all the oldies. <font size=5><font color=red>NOW MICHELLE, GO KICK SOME BUTT AT NICE!</font></font>

February 13th, 2000, 07:06 AM
Thanks for that bit of info. That makes me feel somewhat better ... What the hey, my money would still be on MK even if Sarah and Sasha were to be at Nice ... It's just that I'd never have thought MK would need help from the judges. But then again if MK hadn't won, I'd be here *****in' she didn't.

February 13th, 2000, 08:23 AM
i'm sooo happy.... MK was actually on the news here...(HongKong)..I've never seen skating competition results on HK tv ever... =) although she was just on a few seconds..it was nice to see her in motion (i haven't seen her on tv for a long while) and the tv reporter actually said it was her 3rd nationals title.. and said that she was born in HK.. but hey i din't know that she won till i saw her on tv..so i was happy ne-way... yippee ..go MK..

February 13th, 2000, 09:16 AM
but I agree this was not a satisfying win. She skated defensively and just lacked her usual spark. I really hope she is not starting to doubt herself again. I hope we see the old Michelle back at Worlds.

February 13th, 2000, 09:42 AM
I'm so happy for Michelle! Hopefully, she can win next season if she competes!

February 13th, 2000, 10:05 AM
michelle deserved to win even though it wasn't nearly her best. Everyone should think about michelle's technique and the difficulty of the moves. Sasha and sarah's is still not up to michelle's level. I just wished that she actually did her 3/3 combo because if she had even with the fall there would have been no doubt who should have won. Then we would have to hear about it.