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February 12th, 2000, 06:23 PM
That last 3toe MK did...she might have almost lost that edge on that toe loop...but talk about determination to hang on!!!...MK's mental strength is such an inspiration!!! Well...I am disappointed that MK wasn't clean...but I still do believe that that 3loop must have been attributed to her possible off timing...could it be she won't be doing a solo 3loop anymore???...may be a loop combo!!! :-)...Hee hee!!!...next thing we know MK might just whip out a 3flip/3loop!!! :-))))) Let's see...how about the 3flip/3toe/3loop/2loop??? Hee hee!!! Now...overall I think MK had the least speed out of all the skaters in the top 6 tonight!!!...but who cares!!!...right??? she was so fast already!!! I just think she should just get plenty of sleep!!! zzzzzzzzzz... I personally felt that Sarah should have gotten the silver...IMO the skating order didn't benefit her nicely!!!...SH's skate was so full of sparkling moments...and at this moment in time I still have SH's song in my head!!!...she drew me into her performance!!! I thought SH was so classy...had such a good attitude knowing she won the bronze!!!...lovely young woman!!! I also think that SH's presentation was more mature and open than Sasha's...but talk about cutie!!! JMO!!! I was so excited for SH when she did that 3/3...wow does she ever have those edge jumps under control!!! SC was so so so fabulous!!! I luved her presentation...I luved her speeeeeeed!!! !!! !!! talk about fast!!!...and her flexibility!!!...her spiral IMO is almost as good as MK...but the Kwan-spiral still has to be the highlight!!! BUT IMO MK beat SC in the presentation department!!!...I do think MK lacked the Kwan spark tonight...and SC had so much youthful energy!!!...but MK's maturity and presence on the ice was the artistic impression that moved me...MK was definitely the 1 who reached out to me...MK is very special!!! Oh...Naomi...her "flare" as Peggy said is just incredible!!! Now am I the only one confused about Button and Peggy's commentary??? Anywayzzz...did ya guys see when Frank was fixing MK's dress???...She said "thank you" or "thanks" to Frank and he is so cute!!!...BTW I was surprised not to see MK's new dress...I had assumed that she was gonna wear it (following her usual change of costume at Nationals)...but this 1 is so complimenting on her!!! MK totally had her game face on...even after she knew she won...But (stop drifting off Karin) anywayzzz...I luv MK's hair like that!!!...luved it luved it...it would have been even more beautiful if MK had some matching hair piece!!! Stop nit picking Karin!!! LOL!!! :-) Goodnight MK!!!...get some good sleep and rest plenty!!!...MK kinda IMO looked sorta dehydrated and exhausted...I hope MK stays healthy!!! Oh...it breaks my heart seeing MK looking so tired!!! :-( BUT she is still a beauty isn't she??? I really really really hope MK can skate a back to back sp and lp perfectly...it's been so long...and I not necessarily want her to skate flawlessly to win... but I want MK to do it for herself...because she is the 1 with the Heart of a Champion and "undaunted courage"!!! I luv MK!!!

February 12th, 2000, 06:39 PM
I agree that Sarah should have won the silver, but at least she made it to the podium. I think Mk has good speed. I love to see her pull back all her hair. She has a perfect symmetrical oval face, should show it off.

February 12th, 2000, 06:40 PM
Karin ITA with you about MK! She was wonderful and a little bit off. I have never seen her off for two nights in a row! I like Sasha don't get me wrong, I just don't think that she is ready artistically yet. To me she doesn't hang on to her spiral like MK does. She (Sasha) is definitly a cutie! But MK I think will stay on top until she steps down. I think MK realizes that something is going to have to go, so she probably won't be taking a full load for awhile until she is crowned the gold medalist at the 2002 Olympics.

February 12th, 2000, 06:48 PM
Well, I strongly believe Sasha deserved it. She in my mind, was artistically aligned better than Sarah (must have been her height so she looks bent most of the time to me). And Naomi still has the sparkle, but she needs to work on her jumps. She has time.

February 12th, 2000, 06:53 PM
Yes, an angry Michelle. And it is a good thing for her. Better to be angry and gather yourself than to get down or be shocked. I'm sure you watched the sp's. You'll have noticed the undeniable anger on her face as she watched events after her skate. This was being upset at herself. You mention determination, Michelle looked positively grim when she came out for her freeskate. Not the usual smile, but a game face. It was not her best skate but good enough for the National title. And now she has vented her anger and is back on track. And note her attitude in the post-event interview. Previously, she's made references about the judges wanting to see triple-triples. Now she comes out and makes no bones about raising the stakes for herself. Much more positive. The anger was good for her. It refocused her and has put her in the mindset she will need for Worlds.

February 12th, 2000, 07:10 PM

February 12th, 2000, 07:26 PM
I prayed so much to Him I have to thank Him. I still enjoyed MK's sp much more than her lp. Tonight it was almost like she expected the fall on the 3l & when it came she breathed life in her program. Mk's probelm with her 3l is not in her technique it's in her head; like her problem with the 2a last year. MK delivered a defensive program & she knows this will not be enough for Worlds. Even her usual artistry & arm extensions were not there tonight. But I thank Jesus for getting her through & I hope this is the boost she needs. MK tends to doubt herself when she makes a mistake & she shouldn't. I think MK was the only one to do a true lutz, everyone else was basically doing a flip with an extended entrance. I think those judges need to start examining the ice tracings if they are going to give credit for a true lutz! Anyway congratulations MK!

February 12th, 2000, 08:04 PM
Michelle's victory has already hit at least one press source as "charity", but you know there's one thing that the naysayers and critics haven't considered. Michelle's been having trouble with her 3loop since at least the GP finals. She had to have known going into the LP that there was a better than average chance of messing up that jump. She could have doubled that jump, skated a nearly clean program, and racked up a string of 5.9s that would have made it nearly impossible for Sasha to win. But she went for it anyway. She didn't take the safe route and preserve her presentation mark. She went for it and failed, but she went for it. Good girl.

February 12th, 2000, 08:08 PM
I had no doubt that MK would win, she's such a fighter. She may have been third in the short, but that gave her the extra push to do well in the long. One thing though, I honestly think MK should choose between college and skating. I used to admire her, but now I think she's GOING to have to let up on one of the two things. School can wait Michelle, skating can't. (Ducks to avoid responses) :)

February 12th, 2000, 08:16 PM
David3, surprisingly right on comments. Why would you not admire her anymore, mousee, just because you think she has to choose between school and skating?

February 13th, 2000, 06:45 AM
You know after thinking about it some...school can wait for at least a year or twoI think. A lot of my friends in college were a year older, sometimes two years older, and you couldn't tell. Because they all looked the same. Somehow I think Michelle at 23 will not look much different from Michelle at 21. Plus, I know a lot of my friends who took time off from college and later went back to it (if they could, they were making money). As long as she doesn't wait like 6 years, I think she'll be OK.

February 13th, 2000, 09:01 AM
Michelle skated defensively. I didn't see the usual spark in her performance. I think right now she's vulnerable. I hope she gets it together for Worlds.

February 13th, 2000, 09:53 AM
I applaud michelle for fighting even though her program was a little shaky she went for it. A fall on the loop was better than popping or doubling the jump. naomi-I didn't see the spark in her like last year. I wasn't moved at all but I do feel sorry for her. She has experience too much to soon. I think she fell in to the trap of everyone crowning her the next tara and I know now that that is definitely what dick and the media is looking for. I couldn't believe how much she has grown. I am proud of the judges for the first time. I'm glad that they are making the young ones pay their dues like skaters use to have to do. I know others wanted tim to win or even cohen but I'm glad they were actually looking for balanced skaters. Weiss skated even better than last year and I unlike many would have given it to weiss. I'm against guads being the determining factor. sasha-although cute she isn't ready to me yet. Her choreography wasn't difficult to me. Her long program was a longer version of the short which is not original. She looked little mad about getting the silver. Did you guys notice that almost everyone was falling on that toe loop at this competition. Oh a honorable mention. Carol Heiss-annoying.

February 14th, 2000, 02:52 PM
ITA... Lavender... when Carol was talking to Sasha like a little child...I started laughing...she's 15!!!

February 14th, 2000, 03:36 PM
I didn't think Michelle was "determined" so much as I thought she was grim. That may be the worst performance I've ever seen from her. It was uninspired, listless and just enough to squeak by the Kiddie Kore. It was really sad to see her looking so unhappy on the ice. Here's hoping she's ready for the World's in 6 weeks time. If not she could come home medal-less.

February 14th, 2000, 03:47 PM
I just hope MK can pull herself together and be happy...and as another poster said...to trust herself...