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November 4th, 2000, 01:57 PM
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Good luck to Michelle and all the ladies!!!

November 4th, 2000, 02:03 PM
You can do it Michelle :)

November 4th, 2000, 02:12 PM
Is anyone else getting the video from pairs rather than ladies? If this keeps up it will make me nuts! At least the commentary is for the ladies!

November 4th, 2000, 02:16 PM
Yeah... I still see pairs pix so far.

Here's the latest (read from the bottom up):


19:10 EST STELLATO: PRE: 5.2 to 5.3
19:10 EST STELLATO: Marks TECH: 5.1 to 5.2
19:10 EST STELLATO: Skating first and currently 6th, it will be a while before she knows just how this program will hold up
19:09 EST STELLATO: Must be remembered that she is just moving up from Junior and she has made a good impression
with this performance
19:09 EST STELLATO: It was too bad she missed the last jump for aside from the fall on the 3 loop, this was a pretty good
performance from this young lady
19:08 EST STELLATO: final spin
19:08 EST STELLATO: two foots the landing, but gets in the second 3 lutz and then falls on the 3 toe
19:07 EST STELLATO: Hard fall on the 3 Loop
19:07 EST STELLATO: layback spin, well centred
19:06 EST STELLATO: spirals
19:06 EST STELLATO: Slow section
19:06 EST STELLATO: GREAT opening
19:06 EST STELLATO: good speed in the combo spin
19:05 EST STELLATO: good 2 axel
--commentary missing? 3flip?--
19:05 EST STELLATO: nice flying camel
19:05 EST STELLATO: solid 3 salchow
19:04 EST STELLATO: Nails the 3 lutz double toe combo
19:03 EST STELLATO: Diana glides out with a rather sombre look upon her face
19:03 EST STELLATO: Stellato is up first
19:03 EST STELLATO: Warmup is over.
19:02 EST STELLATO: Yoshie hits a nice 3 flip - 2 toe
19:02 EST STELLATO: Poth hits a 3 toe
19:02 EST STELLATO: Hubert has hit very little on this warmup
19:02 EST STELLATO: Under 1 minute in warmup
19:02 EST STELLATO: Stellato falls again on the 3 lutz
19:01 EST STELLATO: Stellato falls on a 3 lutz
19:00 EST STELLATO: Bellemare a solid 3 flip
19:00 EST STELLATO: 2:45 left in Warmup
19:00 EST STELLATO: Youshie in white, Stellato in lavander, Bellemare in red, Poth in white and Hubert in a rather unusual
dress, flesh and denim, hard to describe in words
18:58 EST STELLATO: Bellemare a 2 axel, Hubert a wild 2 salchow
18:58 EST STELLATO: Poth hits a 2 axel
18:58 EST STELLATO: Judges being announced
18:57 EST MARTINI: House announcer calling the first group to the ice

18:56 EST MARTINI: Very few empty seats left to fill
18:56 EST MARTINI: Welcome music is playing
18:56 EST MARTINI: The crowd is clapping in anticipation of the event getting under way
18:55 EST MARTINI: Hubert of France and Bellemare of Canada are both right at rinks edge looking like they can't get on
the ice soon enough
18:54 EST MARTINI: The first group of women have entered the entrance area and are just off the ice waiting to be called to
begin their warmup
18:53 EST MARTINI: The building is looking as though there will not be an empty seat in the house which means that there
will be approx. 5,000 people in attendance
18:52 EST MARTINI: The judges have taken the platform and they are settling in getting their pens and papers in place.
18:51 EST MARTINI: We are about 5 minutes from the first event of the evening, the Ladies final.
18:51 EST MARTINI: Good evening everyone and welcome to live coverage of the Ladies and Mens Free skate final here at

November 4th, 2000, 02:31 PM
Again, read from the bottom up..


19:25 EST POTH: Marks: TECH: 4.3 to 4.9 PRE 4.7 to 5.4
19:24 EST POTH: The panel will place this between Deanna and Annie
19:23 EST POTH: She gets in the 3 toe and salchow, and the program presentation was ok, but it needs some more sell and
confidence projected
19:22 EST POTH: scatch spin
19:22 EST POTH: final combination spin
19:22 EST POTH: another 2 axel
19:22 EST POTH: hits a 3 salchow
19:22 EST POTH: flying camel spin is of average quality
19:21 EST POTH: diagonal footwork
19:21 EST POTH: speed into next jump, single lutz
19:21 EST POTH: spirals
19:20 EST POTH: 2 flip
19:20 EST POTH: 2 axel 2 toe right into a layback spin
19:20 EST POTH: back to the other end for a good 3 toe 2 toe combination
19:19 EST POTH: falls on the 3 lutz
19:19 EST POTH: Very easy opening, setting up the first jump
19:18 EST POTH: Diana is called to the ice
19:18 EST BELLEMARE: Behind Stellato
19:17 EST BELLEMARE: Marks TECH: 3.8 to 4.5 PRE: 4.4 to 4.8
19:17 EST BELLEMARE: Diana Poth is one the ice and skates next
19:16 EST BELLEMARE: She knows and the crowd knows this was a very poor skate, one that every skater has had and
wants to forget as quickly as possible
19:15 EST BELLEMARE: 2 loop, there is not an iota of confidence left in this performance and with only the 3 salchow, it
gives the panel very little to evaluate
19:14 EST BELLEMARE: 2 lutz
19:14 EST BELLEMARE: two foots the landing of a 2 toe, was to be a 3
--missing commentary?-- (sometimes it refreshes before I see it!)
19:13 EST BELLEMARE: BIG pop on the 3 flip attempt and then hits a rather tight 2 axel
19:13 EST BELLEMARE: footwork is somewhat slow
19:13 EST BELLEMARE: layback spin
19:12 EST BELLEMARE: falls on what was to have been a 3 lutz, was a 2 and she still fell
19:12 EST BELLEMARE: Pretty piano music as she sets up for the a opening 3 salchow, well done
19:11 EST BELLEMARE: Annie comes to just off center ice to begin her program

November 4th, 2000, 02:44 PM
BY Paul MArtini:

19:40 EST HUBERT: Marks, TECH: 4.0 to 4.6 PRE 4.4 to 5.2 Stellato Onda Poth, Bellemare, Hubert
19:38 EST HUBERT: Second group waiting to be called for warmup
19:38 EST HUBERT: Like Bellemare, this program does not give the panel much to evaluate, likely she will finish 9th overall,
which is where she was after the short
19:37 EST HUBERT: then does a waltz jump where a 2 axel should have been
19:36 EST HUBERT: singels a 3 salchow
19:36 EST HUBERT: big speed again,but steps out of a 3 toe
19:35 EST HUBERT: The music, costume and program are very avant garde
19:35 EST HUBERT: falls on an under rotated 3 loop
19:34 EST HUBERT: big speed and then doubles the 3 toe
19:34 EST HUBERT: Music has birds in the background
19:34 EST HUBERT: little combo spin
19:34 EST HUBERT: Falls on the 3 Flip
19:33 EST HUBERT: Opens with a tight 3 Lutz
19:33 EST ONDA: Starts center ice right in front of the paned 15 feet off the boards
19:32 EST ONDA: Latitia is up
19:32 EST ONDA: Marks: TECH: 5.0 to 5.3 PRE: 4.6 to 5.2 Deanna Onda Poth Bellemare
19:29 EST ONDA: not much of a program here, as there is much end to end skating, but with a big 2 axel and final combo
spin she closes a fairly well skated program
19:29 EST ONDA: Steps out of a 3 toe that should have been the front jump of a combination
19:28 EST ONDA: good 3 salchow followed by a layback spin
19:28 EST ONDA: crowd clapping to the music and now she hits a 3 flip, 2 toe combo
19:27 EST ONDA: diagonal footwork
19:27 EST ONDA: Arabian into back sit
19:27 EST ONDA: flying camel
19:27 EST ONDA: now a good 3 loop
19:26 EST ONDA: But comes back with a nice 2 axel and 3 toe
19:26 EST ONDA: Badly underrotated and 2 footed 3 lutz
19:26 EST ONDA: Sets up and hits a tightly landed 3 flip, no combo
19:25 EST ONDA: She comes into the free currently 7th
19:25 EST ONDA: Yoshie Onda is taking her opening position

November 4th, 2000, 02:56 PM
Boy, the women are just all over the place tonight, aren't they?

November 4th, 2000, 02:58 PM
By Paul MArtini:

19:54 EST MANIACHENKO: Marks TECH: 4.5 to 5.1 PRE 5.0 to 5.4 Behind Stellato
19:52 EST MANIACHENKO: She was 4th, but this will not likely hold her up
19:51 EST MANIACHENKO: The panel is being pressed to evaluate a program that after the opening lutz combination, did
not have much go right about it
19:51 EST MANIACHENKO: It is dissapointing to see her skate this poorly after the excellent short program she skated
19:50 EST MANIACHENKO: steps out of the 2 axel.
19:50 EST MANIACHENKO: falls on the 3 salchow
19:49 EST MANIACHENKO: another missed flip
19:49 EST MANIACHENKO: Spirals
19:49 EST MANIACHENKO: layback spin travels a bit
19:49 EST MANIACHENKO: good speed into the 3 toe, tight on the landing
19:48 EST MANIACHENKO: good flying camel
19:48 EST MANIACHENKO: misses the 3 flip, wild single
19:47 EST MANIACHENKO: falls on the 3 loop
19:47 EST MANIACHENKO: Pochahontas is the theme
19:46 EST MANIACHENKO: Galina is the first of this final group to skate
19:46 EST MANIACHENKO: Warmup is over
19:46 EST MANIACHENKO: Galina is the first of this final group to skate
19:46 EST MANIACHENKO: Warmup is over
19:45 EST MANIACHENKO: Fumie 2 toe, 3 toe
19:45 EST MANIACHENKO: Fumie 2 toe, 2 toe
19:45 EST MANIACHENKO: under one minute in warmup
19:44 EST MANIACHENKO: Jen a good 3 lutz
19:44 EST MANIACHENKO: Irina a nice 3 lutz, 2 toe
19:43 EST MANIACHENKO: Michelle a good 3 loop
19:43 EST MANIACHENKO: Jen a 2 lutz
19:43 EST MANIACHENKO: Galina another 2 loop
--missed the commentary... Fumie fall 3lutz?--
19:42 EST MANIACHENKO: 3 flip by Irina
19:42 EST MANIACHENKO: 2 loop from Jen
19:42 EST MANIACHENKO: 2 axel by Michelle
19:41 EST MANIACHENKO: Michelle in black, Irina in black and fusia, Fumie in Navy with silver trim, Jen in Brown and
Galina in light brown
19:40 EST MANIACHENKO: Second group on the ice

November 4th, 2000, 03:02 PM
to bad, chat room is full and is not letting anyone else in.

November 4th, 2000, 03:05 PM
20:01 EST SUGURI: Marks TECH: 5.5 to 5.7 PRE: 5.2 to 5.6 She leads
20:00 EST SUGURI: Michelle on the ice, up next
19:59 EST SUGURI: She should get solid mid fives or slightly better for this performance
19:59 EST SUGURI: final scratch spin and the crowd gives her a big hand as this has been the best skate of the night to this
19:58 EST SUGURI: Misses the 3 salchow
19:58 EST SUGURI: She needs a little better music feel, but is doing a wonderful performance to this point
19:57 EST SUGURI: another BIG 3 lutz!!!
19:57 EST SUGURI: I like the big air this woman gets on her jumps. Tight 3 loop, but done
19:56 EST SUGURI: layback is ok
19:56 EST SUGURI: 3 toe followed by a flying camel, music changs
19:55 EST SUGURI: 2 axel
19:55 EST SUGURI: Back down the rink for a wonderfull 3 flip
19:55 EST SUGURI: Opening 3 lutz 2 toe is very good!!!!!
19:55 EST SUGURI: Gathering speed
19:54 EST SUGURI: Fumie to skate

November 4th, 2000, 03:15 PM
What happened???? It stopped in the middle of Michelle's program and now it's Jen !!!!

November 4th, 2000, 03:15 PM
20:09 EST KWAN: TECh5.5 to 5.8 Pre 5.7 to 5.8 She leads
20:08 EST KWAN: Having done Keri, Masters , Skate America and now here, she has done a lot already this season
20:07 EST KWAN: She looked a little tired at times and it showed mostly in her jumps. One has to wonder if two events in
two weeks was a bit too much for her?
20:06 EST KWAN: This was a very good effort at making the best of a program that was not in the grove so to speak
20:06 EST KWAN: 3 toe and final spin.
20:05 EST KWAN: 3 lutz, better flow on the landing and then almost fell on crossovers
20:05 EST KWAN: diagonal footwork
20:05 EST KWAN: camel spin one way, sit spin the other
20:04 EST KWAN: 3 salchow
20:04 EST KWAN: flying camel. with the misses to this point, she will have to work here, but even the 2 axel is tight on the
20:03 EST KWAN: 2 flip
20:03 EST KWAN: big speed into 3 toe 2 toe combination
20:02 EST KWAN: layback, still could use some speed
20:02 EST KWAN: 3 lutz 2 toe
20:02 EST KWAN: 3 loop may have been 2 footed
20:01 EST KWAN: Slowly to her start position
20:01 EST KWAN: Michelle is on the ice

November 4th, 2000, 03:22 PM
So at least now Michelle can rest up and work on her programs without interruption having to attend competitions. Michelle will come back stronger, I'm sure!

November 4th, 2000, 03:22 PM
20:18 EST ROBINSON: Marks TECH: 5.0 to 5.4 PRE 5.3 to 5.7 Kwan, Fumie Jen, Deanna Galina
20:16 EST ROBINSON: Last marks being entered
20:16 EST ROBINSON: Irina is on the ice, next to skate
20:15 EST ROBINSON: As I look around, there is not an empty seat in the house
20:15 EST ROBINSON: Will be interesting to see just where they place her.
20:14 EST ROBINSON: Crowd gives her a warm applause
20:14 EST ROBINSON: sign of a seasoned skater, she keeps hitting stuff right to the end of the performance
20:13 EST ROBINSON: 3 salchow, 2 toe
20:13 EST ROBINSON: 3 toe
20:12 EST ROBINSON: too slow and she does a single axel
20:12 EST ROBINSON: 3 lutz, but looked 2 footed on the landing
20:12 EST ROBINSON: flips out of the 3 flip
20:11 EST ROBINSON: change of music
20:11 EST ROBINSON: hands down on the 3 salchow
20:10 EST ROBINSON: 2 lutz
20:10 EST ROBINSON: Settin up the opening3 loop, tight but landed
20:09 EST ROBINSON: Jennifer to start position

November 4th, 2000, 03:28 PM
Thanks Jenny

November 4th, 2000, 03:31 PM
20:29 EST SLUTSKAYA: This makes for a very interesting setup for the season, I am sure these two women will be seeing
each other again at the Grand Prix final and then again in Vancouver for Worlds, Great Athlets, great skating great
20:27 EST SLUTSKAYA: Kwan, Fumie, Jen, Deanna, Galina, Yoshie,
20:26 EST SLUTSKAYA: Marks: TECH: 5.7 to 5.9 PRE: 5.6 to 5.9 Irina evens the score She Wins!!!!!!
20:25 EST SLUTSKAYA: Waiting for TV
20:25 EST SLUTSKAYA: Judges are packing up, marks are in
20:25 EST SLUTSKAYA: Michelle took the first matchup at the Masters will Irina take this one to even the score on the
20:24 EST SLUTSKAYA: Her face is alive with a big smile and even with the mistake on the opening combination, this
program prevails technically over Michelle, but will the presentation mark prevail as well.
20:23 EST SLUTSKAYA: Combiantion speed has good speed and this is one area where is better than Michelle, no question.
20:22 EST SLUTSKAYA: good speed in the circular footwork
20:22 EST SLUTSKAYA: good 3 toe
20:21 EST SLUTSKAYA: solid 3 flip and then a good 2 axel
20:21 EST SLUTSKAYA: Her presentation is much better and she is smiling and engaging the audience
20:20 EST SLUTSKAYA: big 3 loop
20:20 EST SLUTSKAYA: 3 lutz, arabian back sit
20:19 EST SLUTSKAYA: double sal and then hits the next triple
20:19 EST SLUTSKAYA: Gathering speed for a 3 lutz and then falls on the 3 loop
20:18 EST SLUTSKAYA: Irina, the last skater of the event to her start position

November 4th, 2000, 03:31 PM

November 4th, 2000, 03:34 PM

November 4th, 2000, 03:35 PM
I just saw the coverage on the live feed. It seems that Michelle didn't quite have it for tonights performance...better luck next time!

November 4th, 2000, 03:37 PM
For those who saw it, how bad was MK's skate compared to the one at SA.

November 4th, 2000, 03:41 PM
That's okay, folks. 1 week is not a lot of time to make improvements, and Michelle and Frank know what they have to do. Considering the circumstances, this is probably the best scenario (with regard to final standings). At least Kwan knows she has to skate cleanly to win and that her artistry alone may not be enough this year. There is no "comfort zone" left, and this is good incentive. You win some and you lose some, and the times you don't win, you learn from the losses and move on to better performances in the future.

This is just my humble opinion, but I'd rather that Michelle place 2nd after a flawed program and realize what she needs to do. I'd feel worse if she had won and taken it complacently without having the "message" hit home and without inspiring her to make the changes. This is just what she needs right now -- the motivation she feels is missing.


November 4th, 2000, 03:57 PM
I agree- this is a good time for Michelle to realize that she needs to improve both technically and artistically (since she cannot depends on her presentation marks). At least this happens early in the season and there is time for her to work on it before Nationals, GPF and Worlds and even more important before 2002 Olympics.

I know Michelle wants to maintain a balance between school & skating. But maybe she should consider concentrate on skating for the next 2 years to have 100% focus on skating which she needed to compete in SLT.

Just my 2 cents....

November 4th, 2000, 04:00 PM
Three golds and one silver so far this skating season--not bad I'd say, and if someone had to win besides Michelle,-----who better than Irina whom most of us (including Michelle) like a whole bunch.

November 4th, 2000, 04:14 PM
Kwan does not want to put all her emotions on winning....
in short she wants to be prepared, if she does not get
the gold in SLC.......I think this good mental judgement.
You have to be ready to lose to win. Keep competion in

November 4th, 2000, 04:26 PM
You can't grow unless you face a strong challenge!

Michelle will now continue to puch and grow in preparation for December and January! ;)

AND, I couldn't be more happy for Irina, good for her! :)