View Full Version : Hello Michelle,

October 8th, 1999, 07:26 AM
Brief, I promise. I think you're the most humble skater with eyes of an angellic presence and very sincere natured. I couldn't miss the opportunity to hopefully reach out to you. You caught my attention when you demonstrated an excellent attitude on the ice and you are a very mature roll model even more now. Now that you are on your own, I hope that you can keep God in your heart and never get distracted or intimidated, or even feel the slightest bit discouraged. It's hard to stay on the surface when you have alot of people who want to be America's sweatheart. But, you are always on my #1 list. God Bless, and keep shining. You are one of the few skaters that many don't have anything bad to say about. Tell Scott and Brian if you see them that one of your fans here says "You guys do Excellent Scating" (lol) Bye, Mike