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February 20th, 2002, 05:52 AM
Within Golden Dreams

As you go for the gold Michelle Kwan, you have our hearts.

She flows as cool water streams
Graceful beauty with majestic air
Ice dancers magic, most rare
Smiles with style, cheers fill the air
Within a world of shimmering golden dreams
Americas heart go`s soft an warm
Over Michelle`s ice dancers charm
Emotions rise, as her motions captivate the eye
Softy to this beauty`s grace, we sigh
Oh, golden dreams
She streams into our hearts
America sighs
Beauty an grace, flowing pace
An artist takes to ice
Misty eye`s, a father pride cry`s
Within golden dreams she is Americas dream

A MenFer Poet
Real Men For Equal Right`s, An Equal Embraces Her Victory`s In Life.

By LittleRedSinger
Donald Hensley
Copyright ©2002 Donald Hensley

She is an artist on ice, beauty is true, yet it is with her sweet grace on ice, that beauty comes true. Flowing as a stream to golden dreams, best wishes Michelle Kwan.