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March 4th, 2002, 12:55 AM
I dont know what to say, after watching dateline, I remembered only this phrase the clearest , "She intends to keep her eligibility, But, its possible that the exhibition skate at Salt Lake, is Michelle Kwan's last appearence on Olympic Ice." I think it hit the nail! It hit where it hurt the most, where the wound was healing, it opened it up again. I spend half the day reminicing about Michelle in the past and as my mind went across the painful memories, I actually cried.

One of the things that I thought really hard about was the importance of an Olympic medal, and finally I arrived at a conclusion. Being the most watched and most respected sporting event in history, and also for its significant symbolism, I personally feel that the highest tribute that the world can pay to an athelete is giving him/her the highest accolade in the sporting arena. And thats the Olympic medal. What ever the arguements are out there about the Olympics being only another competition is not important. Yes, the Olympics is just another Competition, but it is the most highly regarded and most watched competition in her world. So this greatly increased the importance of the Olympics.

Yes, I iniatially felt that the Olympics was just another competition, that I got it right. But what I got wrong is how significant is the Olympics. It is not Just another competition.It is much greater than any figure skating competition, its greater than any international competition(Including the World Cup).

The Olympic creed was first stated in 1896 by the founder of the modern Olympic games , Baron Pierre de Coubertin , the words of the creed are as follows:
"The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."

Though that is what the creed says, in this age, it isnt totally true. Having the games flawed by scandals is already not living up to the creed, its actually destroying the creed!

Anyway back to the topic, therefore, it is so significant, in the eyes of most people, having an Oylmpic Gold respresents the fact that you are the best, and you have conquered your opponents. It overwrites any mistakes or failures you had in the past and makes you the "Best"

An Olympic Gold medal is a representation of Greatness! It is a representation of the effort and hardwork you put in. And those who came so close,yet it was so far would be forgotten together with the scandals and happenings at the games.

So, I think we should just admit that Sarah did deserve the Olympic(for her Lp performace), for overcoming the pressure, for overcoming her opponents. She has credit for those, but in this case, it doesnt mean that her acheivements are overwhelming and great. Its only the start of her career, and whether she could stay up there and maintain and reproduce what she did at the Olympics, if she is able to,it is commendable. But in the light that she won an Olympic Gold, she is already being placed in the Hall Of Fame, she is placed together with the Elites of the Sporting World. Yes she deserves it. Thats what you get for winning an Olympic Gold, it does make a difference.
I remember a Alexandra Popov once said(not accurately correct)
Winning One Olympic makes you well-known(not sure if this is the word)
Winning Two Olympics makes you Great!
Winning Thress Olympics makes you History

I totally agree with this, actually, winning one does already make you Great already. But what I really like is winning 3 Olympics makes you History. It is a remarkable feat to win 3!!!
And whoever wins 3 has really proven himself/herself!

Michelle has already won 2 medals, the last one waits to be collected, it is currently hanging at Torino, Italy, waiting for its rightful owner to claim it. Whether Michelle is the rightful owner waits to be seen. But even without that Gold, Michelle is already history, she has already proven herself, she has earned herself a place in the history books already--With a name epitomizing Greatness and the same time, Failure!

To many of us here, Michelle has already acheive Greatness, she is already a legend in which a thousand words wont be enough to describe. Not only has she earned her place in the books, she has earned a place in our hearts, a place so deep and so nice shaped that No one can ever replace it, and I mean No One! Without Michelle, many of us wont be watching Figure Skating anymore, Without Michelle, this forum would come to an end, without Michelle life would lose its credibility and Finally, without Michelle, there would be only emptiness.

Whenever I think of the phrase "She intends to keep her eligibility, But, its possible that the exhibition skate at Salt Lake, is Michelle Kwan's last appearence on Olympic Ice."

The Exhibition Skate would float into my mind, it would hit the most painful note in which only time can heal(If possible). Thinking of the Exhibition Skate, I would think of the only person I have supported and have also been my idol and role model. Thinking of the Exhibition Skate, I would reminisce that its the greatest performance Michelle or any skater has ever put up. Then I would cry deep down, I would feel sore for the rest of the day, or even a few days. Yet, at the same time, the exhibition skate allows me to relive the moments of Michelle's Greatness, Michelle Undying Grace, Everlasting Elegance, and relive Michelle herself.(Doesnt make much sense ah?)
If Michelle ever goes to Torino, there is one thing for sure, its for the love for the sport, the love for competing the love for everything that has made her Michelle Kwan. It would pretty surely be her last performance on Olympic Ice. And I hope to see a Michelle Kwan who skates totally with her Heart and to the Music.
Michelle, you didnt lose, you didnt give up, you have the character, the spirit and you have Michelle Kwan within you!

Anyway, thats all I got to say, doesnt seem to talk about anything, but I felt really sore and wanted to find a place to "vent my soreness." I hope all the wonderful people here dont mind me doing it!
Good Luck to Michelle at the Worlds!
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March 4th, 2002, 05:17 AM
Dear JinGXionG
I feel for you and agree what you have said.I remember
during the National my brother rooting for Michelle to win.And she did.But during the Olympic there was a big buzz in LA that she is not going to win the olympic even though she skate clean.I also remenber that reading an article that they judge her in a different standard that any of her competitor,i know this should not be this way but it does happen.It the same happen to our skater here in our country.It so sad to see that happening.And also the amount of pressure Michelle has and expectation of people from sometime it hard to bear.When I watch the Dateline last night ,I understood where she is coming from.In her interview that she did during the olympic she mention she wanted to win the gold,but at the same time you can she the doubt in her eye.Why maybe the media's pressure and her expectation from herself and the rest of the people around her it too much.Sarah don't have the same pressure like Michelle and Irina, so as Tara L.As a mother of skater I know Michelle feels,because she not just representing the country ,but also the club she belong.
I understand that winning the olympis gold allow you to be in the hall of Fame and be include in the prestige people like Dorothy and Peggy earning more money.I wish these Hall of Fame change that because for me it very unfair for those who won silver and bronze.Just to be in the top three it mean your are one of the best.Just to be an olympic should be a great honor for these skater.Michelle contribute so much to this sport.For me I dont see why she should not be included in the Hall of Fame.Through her skating became more popular sport.It really hurt to she how the media degrading her after she contribute so much to the sport.I just hope Sarah stay away from the World,because if she did not win in Nagano for me her olympic medal will tarnish.Because she was suppossed to be the very best in these sport.The expectation of people now from her are very high.And what would the media is going to say then?Sarah have been pursuaded not to go to Nagano.I dont know why,but is she is the best in the World this the time to prove it.And I think that what she intend to do.And Maybe that why most olympian who win the gold go professinal because they knew in any sport ,you only win by chances.Irina will be there so as Michelle and Sasha.I just wish Michelle from her heart this time and not think what people expect from her and also I want her to get a coach and go back to school.Let just continue to support her what ever decision she make.

March 4th, 2002, 06:38 AM
Yes, I agree with a lot of what both of you said.

I feel that Michelle will skate in the 2006 Olympics if she feels the passion and the fire she described in the Dateline interview.

She should step back and take her time. Preparing to win the Worlds is the right thing to do now. She just needs to take her time and prepare for the next upcoming event. 2006 is such a long time. One would get depressed thinking about it.

Michelle has the right attitude. She will skate if she continues to skate at a high level. She also will skate if she feels she has a chance to win.

Let's just pray for Michelle and her family. She will do the right thing in the future. We should continue to support her and let her sponsors know that we think the world of Michelle and want them to continue to support her. We also need to continually tel Michelle that we are so proud of her. She certainly could have quit when she felt the Gold slipping out of her hand. But, she did not. She tried her best on an off night and still won a Bronze. There have been many, many Olympians, who like Michelle, were the favorites to win the Gold. However, they ended up not medaling because they lost a game and ended up playing in the Bronze Medal Game, which they subsequently lost. The Canadian Hockey team in 1998 comes to mind. This Olympics, they came back and won the Gold despite some obstacles and also being four years older.

If Michelle continues to skate as well as she does, she will be at the Olympics in 2006.

March 7th, 2002, 02:18 PM
No worries.....MK will be in the Hall of Fame, no doubt about that. There are skaters there (Janet Lynn?) who never won a world championship but they had other special qualities and changed their sport in positive ways. I'm sure MK meets the qualifications.

March 7th, 2002, 07:35 PM
Let me put it this way.

If Michelle only goes for 2006 because she feels shame at having lost the gold this time, if she only goes because she feels she "should" have performed so as to win the medal and feels incomplete without it, if she is going to feel pressured and low and bad about this, if she is going to go with only fear of losing, then I hope she turns pro and just finishes college.

She doesn't deserve to feel this way.

If she goes I would want her to go joyfully, or not at all.

Life is too short for the rest of it.

March 9th, 2002, 02:01 PM
By God, I think she's got it ... I applaud your thoughts ... Michelle should go only if she wants to go ... she must feel the "fire in her belly" she must thirst for that "perfect skate" ... she must listen to her heart ... just exactly what is right for her to do? ... only she can listen to that voice inside ... only she will know if it is right ... let's give her a chance to hear the call ...