View Full Version : Strength & Independence

December 16th, 2001, 08:38 AM
Dear Michelle,

Just in case you drop in I'd like to share a few thoughts w/ you.

I just want to let you know that as hard as your decision to go this season alone must have been that I think that it was a decision that required much strength, courage & conviction.

I am a 24 yr. old college student who is still living w/ her parents because it is the best financial decision for me. I can certainly understand your need for independence -- I think any healthy adult would.

A true sign of a healthy, motivated person is a willingness to push themselves. Even though you know that your decision might make your journey to SLC much harder, you are doing it for you, because you think that you are capable of better. You are not perfect, no one is. But, I think that whether you come in 1st or last at SLC that in your heart you will come in first because you are doing what feels right for you, and isn't that what life's all about? -- Pushing yourself, finding yourself, and staying true to yourself.

I read in a recent article that you said that you do not truly know yourself. None of us know ourselves 100%. Wouldn't life be boring if we did?! But, I get the impression that you do in fact know yourself a great deal. I am a feminist &, umm, sometimes my friends laugh at me when I say how much I enjoy figure skating, but you see, the reason I enjoy your skating so much is because you are not just another pretty girl taking the ice. You are a STRONG WOMAN with a beautiful balance of grace, compassion, determination, and strength. You know that life is to be enjoyed. That life is more than just skating, that it involves family, friends, and intimate relationships. I have never met you & probably never will, and yet I can't help but believe that your family, friends, and boyfriend -- those that know you -- must be awfully proud of you!