View Full Version : What is your favorite element that MK does? It can be a jum

October 17th, 1999, 01:58 PM
My favorite element that Michelle does would have to be the falling leaves. And I adore her spread eagles. What's yours?

October 17th, 1999, 02:10 PM
Can it be more than one??? I luv all her elements!!!... JUMPS... I don't know how she does it...but no other skater in any discpline...can do a jump like MK...she incorporates artistry into the jumps...the entrance, in air...landing... I particularly like her loop...and I luv her salchow landing...her axel held landings are superb. She is so light...when she lands...there is no sound... SPINS...they are not too too fast...but they R fast... they are often done with such beauty... luv her reverse camel FOOTWORK...2 thumbs up!!!...best ladies' footwork out there...not sloppy like others...difficult...fast...intricate INA BAUER...wonderful FALLING LEAF...Ahhh!!! So pretty!!!...and that split position... CHARLOTTE...cannot ask for more!!! ***BUT*** My ultimate all time favourite Kwan element is... the KWAN spiral!!! It gives me goosebumps!!!...Everytime she prepares for it with all that speed...I hold my breath...I freeze...then during it...she cast a spell on me!!! I'm totally on a cloud and mesmerized!!! The changing edge part is so gentl and smooth...and delicate!!! But MK does it with such strength!!! I luv everything MK does!!!...I luv MK!!!

October 17th, 1999, 02:25 PM
Please don't make me choose...Everything she does is so effortless...her jumps are as Richard B. says"throw-away." Oh, that spiral, and I love the falling leaves, and her spread eagle is the best....What separates her from so many others is she never huffs and puffs when she is stroking...I don't mean that literally...I don't think there is one element, but I love her head position as she lands and skates. Sounds silly, but watch her on tape and I think you will see it...and oh, I love when she runs on her toes....

October 17th, 1999, 02:41 PM
I know what you all mean. How can you choose just one? It's nearly impossible. I agree with the all of the elements mentioned before. In addition, I love her classic sit spin, her y-spin on the more secure foot, virtually all of her spirals, newly improved layback, choreography, and her 3 toe because it appears soo..... effortless.

October 17th, 1999, 02:57 PM
MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THING THAT Michelle does is -- well it's hard to describe but it's just the way she MOVES across the ice. It is sooo smooth. I think it's what separates her from other skaters. OOOOOZE Oh and I love how she lands jumps. Her arm positions are so pretty. And her spirals and the spins and the footwork and oh I guess everything huh??

October 17th, 1999, 07:25 PM
You're all right! Anything she does... My top favorite things are the way she goes into and out of the spiral and the Charlotte. So smooth and slow into position, holds them long with no wobbling ever, and just flows out of them. I am totally amazed every single time I see those moves. That new layback is smoooooooth! mkDragon

October 19th, 1999, 10:27 AM
Of course, I love them all!! But, since I've been watching MK skate, I've always looked forward to the camel spin/sit spin/Y spin combo. Now, I find myself looking forward to the improved layback, as well as that spin. I've always like Angela Nikodinov's layback, and I think MK's equals that, if not better.

October 19th, 1999, 11:44 AM
her spiral i also like: -her spread eagle -the split at the end of 'one more time' -the "wiggle" in 'east of eden' -the end of 'salome' (from the final jump until the end pose)

October 19th, 1999, 03:09 PM
Nobody else has that ooze-y quality she has when she's skating! I also love the way she lands her jumps; it's so light! I have agree with everyone on the footwork and the spread eagle and the spins (the Y-spin!!) and especially the Kwan spiral but I think that I love her hand positions the best. The way that she holds her hands out throughout her programs is just magical.

October 19th, 1999, 03:13 PM
I love em all, but here's one that stands out. In "Ariadne" at World Pros, when Michelle did her reverse camel, she ended it with a catch-foot that was really beautiful. She's never done that move again, and I really loved it.

October 19th, 1999, 03:22 PM
for me I don't think it it any one element, I think it is the whole package, I feel as if I am part of MK's program & my appreciation as I watch her is complete or my awareness is fully contented; I have just witnessed the best. I am not sure if I made myself clear, but the only other skater to make me feel this way is Paul Wylie. As for the rest of skaters it's like they are on one side of the tv & I'm on the next, no connection.

October 19th, 1999, 03:28 PM
the complete control and effortlessness of her edging (and of course, just about *all* of skating comes down to edging...). That is why I seem to love any work she does, regardless of the music choice, the genre, the choreography, etc. Now matter what kind of "objective, head-to-head" comparisons you can make, no skater matches her in this. What I mean to say is that she has definitely transcended her technique, and her content (Thanks Mr. Button). It's funny to realize that it is "technique" that I think really sets her apart because I respond to her skating so emotionally. It reminds me of Ayn Rand (author of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged) who believed that true art was the result of painstaking, intelligent work, not of nebulous feeling...it touches our emotional core, but only because of the long, hard road that came before. And I also love that wiggle in East of Eden, plus the circular footwork sequence in Rachmaninoff.:)

October 19th, 1999, 11:17 PM
I really adore everything about michelle she is so refined, so elegent, so powerful, but I really love is when she's doing foot work or a sprial,she always seems to be smiling.

October 20th, 1999, 06:52 AM
I luv everything MK does on the ice! ITA that she is the smoothest skater out there. I really luv her beginning moves in Dante's Prayer and Rach. I also luv her precision. She is so precise and has such high quality edging. "simply the best!"