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November 3rd, 1999, 08:56 PM
Ladies: Michelle Kwan: 1. MK's sp (A Day in the Life): I love it! At first I wasn't sure but I think I was distracted by the music. The first half of the program was 2axel, 3lutz/toe, layback, footwork into 3toe but the last half of the program is my favorite. The music gets livelier and MK lets loose. I know people don't like where the Kwan spiral is placed but I think it fits with the music. It's sort of the transition from one music mood to the next. I hope we see the 3flip in Skate Canada. 2. MK's sp costume: don't like it. I love the color on her though. 3. MK's interpretive program (Romeo & Juliet): Beautiful! She was right on with the music and her performance here was better than Keri's I thought. She did have a weak landing in her 3lutz, though. 4. They showed MK & Brett Favre in the football field. Brett gave MK throwing and catching lessons and MK showed Brett how to do a spiral and double axel. That was cute! Maria Butyrskaya 1. MB's sp: Her sp is wonderful and so is the music. I think her sp can beat MK's sp if she does all the required elements because she has a harder solo triple and also this is the kind of program the judges love. I also liked her costume! *gasp* Popped the double axel. 2. Habanera: My favorite part is the last 20 seconds of the program. She fell twice. 3. She said, again, that she cannot win in America (I'm paraphrasing here!). *sigh* Men's Todd Eldredge: He was awesome! I wish he was still competing in Nationals & Worlds. Good luck in Skate Canada, Todd.

November 3rd, 1999, 09:51 PM
April--I agree with you on Maria B.s short program. It is very good and if she skates clean, she could beat Michelle, unless Michelle ups the difficulty of the 3Toe. For some reason, I liked Michelle's costume. I wasn't sure I was going to from the still pictures. But there is something about seeing Michelle live wearing the dress, moving in it, skating in it ...it works for me! I was more moved this time by "Kissing You" although I didn't think that would be possible. It seemed as if she held the Charlotte longer and the position coming out of it. The ending seemed a little less sudden as well. Loved all of the Brett Farve footage. Michelle really seems happy. It was fun to see her clowning around after "The Catch!" LOL!

November 3rd, 1999, 11:02 PM
april, i agree with you on 2 things, Maria B.'s sp is really good if she skate clean and the 2nd one, i really don't like Michelle's red dress. But, i love the free program. It is just awesome.And she really seemed very relaxed and happy. Good for her! mahusay

November 4th, 1999, 01:06 AM
Loved seeing MK in red again! I don't have to be crazy about a costume to think she looks great. She performed it beautifully, she appeared so relaxed...but I am not crazy about the music....It grates me a bit...It will take time...Will the international judges go for it on the total world scene? I know that they loved her perf. at SA. Her int. lp was lovely and the music is growing on me, but the singer isn't. Todd stole the show....and my heart, again....Maria? Moments of brilliance, and then...whew...Loved everything about Yuka's sp...terrific....

November 4th, 1999, 03:13 AM
I loved MK's program, its such a change in music for her. It's fun. I did not love the dress. The color looked good. I am not a fan of MB's skating at all. However, that program is great. If she had hit the axel she would have most likely won the short. I loved the music, the costume I did not. It is one of the only times I enjoyed watching her skate.

November 4th, 1999, 04:00 AM
Her short program was ok, not one of my favorites. I thought she performed KY sloppily.

November 4th, 1999, 04:59 AM
I never thought that I would ever say this but the sp was ok but I watched it again and I think that I will like it more later. I am a little worried because I actually liked maria's program and I think that if michelle doesn't add the flip and maria skates clean then maria will be on top. I wonder if maria does skate clean and michelle does the flip will maria be ahead? I have to say to myself, as long as michelle is in the top three and she wins the long program then things will be fine. I know that we are use to the short programs beating out everyone. Both programs need some fine tuning but it's early in the season. I need to see maria's long program then I'll know what's in store. But of course michelle's skating is always 1st rate to me but I think that I was expecting something different from the previous post. I was wishing for more.

November 4th, 1999, 05:11 AM
I'm not so sure that Maria skating clean could beat Michelle in the SP. They both have great presentation in these programs, although I think MK has the edge, in that Maria doesn't quite have the "skate with the music not to it" factor down perfectly yet. Her choreography also goes overboard at some points, IMO. MK's 3t is certainly easier than MB's loop, but let's presume that MK will do the flip, which is harder. Then there's MB's stiff knees/less flow on the landings of the 3 lutz and the 2 axel (not as bad as last year, though)--MK executes both jumps much better. But MB will never (not this year, anyway) be able to execute the other required elements as well as MK. Maria's footwork is easier and not as well executed, her flying spin is easier, her layback position is much worse, and there is no comparision with MK on the spirals--MB's knees are bent every time on the straight-leg position spiral, and she doesn't hold any of them very long. So I don't think it'd be a hands-down win for Maria in the SP vs Michelle. It'd depend on how the judges go.

November 4th, 1999, 05:32 AM
Michelle and Maria gave splendid SP's, marred by Maria's popped axel. If you add 0.4 to Maria's tech marks for a clean 2axel and leave everything else unchanged, Michelle wins by a tight 3 judges to 2 margin. To my relatively untrained eyes, Maria would get extra credit for the 3loop solo jump, and Michelle would offset it by being more polished overall. Michelle was quoted as saying she planned to go for the 3flip as her solo jump later in the season. I think she is playing it smart to use the easier jump for starters while in the early stages of learning to juggle skating and college. Once she gets past Skate Canada, she will have two months and the benefit of a quarter break around Christmas to practice for the GP final. The choreography timing should not be a problem. I timed her 3toe and 3flip entrances on my VCR in stop action. The elapsed time from the cusp of the preliminary 3-turn to the takeoff toe pick was within 1/15 of a second (one or two TV frames) of being equal for the two jumps. Keith

November 4th, 1999, 05:57 AM
I totally think michelle's skating is first rate over maria and I would put michelle and others based on the tech side over maria any day because her landings aren't smooth but the judges don't seem to see it. Plus I've never heard so many people think that michelles program was ok. How do you guys like it(keithb and sjb)? What is up with the aus judge giving maria 5.8 for 2 falls. That is a perfect ex of how judges grade maria. They worry me.

November 4th, 1999, 06:13 AM
I only 1/2 watched the ladies event because I was at church and had to leave tape running... Best Moment: MK's in-zone dance! I wish I was 10 years younger and attending UCLA with the Kwanster! She seems so cool! MK's short I don't know... This program will have to grow on me... I think that this music requires some change in the choreography... I will wait to see if it evolves. MB's short Maria was ok... Her spins are weak though... She will have to work on them before Russian Nats and World's. Other skater's Yuka was ok... She seems to be distracted by something... Maybe her heart is now with pairs AND her sexy new hubby! Why oh Why did they chack my precious Katia? The long programs Only watched MB and MK's long programs... MK was mesmerizing as usual... Will MB EVER perform a clean Carmen? --ct

November 4th, 1999, 06:58 AM
ITA with SJB and Keith B. about the comparison of MB's and Mk's SP's! MK's short: I really liked this music and the red costume; I'll have to get used to the style; but I would say that the style fit very well to the mood of the program. MB's short: Unfortunately MB's music is the type the judges tend to go for, and I personally like the music but I don't think MB brings the quality needed to this type of music. She just seems so cold and detached from the music and it just left me with an unsatisfied feeling.

November 4th, 1999, 07:08 AM
I have to agree with most of you all. I really don't like Michelle's skating dress for the short program. I really did no think that it complimented her too much. I am so used to seeing her in these beautiful skating dresses. The skating costume she wore for the short program reminded of something a Russian female skater would wear (they have a different style that is influenced by culture). I'm not really sure how the dress fits into "A Day in the Life." I am getting used to her short program. However, I do feel as though Maria B. will have the short program that the judges will like the best. This is a different type of artistry that we are seeing from Michelle. It will take some getting used to. Her long program to the "Red Violin" was great. I simply adored the skating dress that she wore in the long program to "Kissing You." It was beautiful. It goes up there on my list of favorite skating dress right beneath the 1994 long program dress that Nancy Kerrigan wore in Hamar, Norway. Whoever wins US Nationals and Worlds this year is not going to have an easy road to the gold medal. There will be a lot of competition. Maybe it was a good thing that Michelle did not win Worlds in 1999. I think that if she had the World title along with going to school, it would be a bit overwhelming. I really wish that Michelle did not cut her hair. I hope she grows it out. Her hair in the bun looked so sophisticated and elegant. It would be nice if she would grow it out again. What do you all think?

November 4th, 1999, 07:26 AM
I enjoyed Michelle's SP, and I agree that in time it will get only better. I think the judges appreciate the way Michelle is expanding her repertoire, so to speak, because it shows them that she is serious about making a statement, that she doesn't want people to see the same types of programs, etc. The quality of her skating is still the best in the world and in that regard I think they can only gain even more respect for her skating skills. Personally I've never been bored by Michelle, I think she's the best, and I enjoy seeing this SP as kind of a playful side of her. I thought MB's SP was lovely, but not better (even if skated clean) than MKs. Is it just me, and please I'm not being critical, or flaming, or trying to start anything, but I don't like MB's Carmen program. The last 30 secs was really cool, and yeah she's got that part down, but the program doesn't do anything thing for me at all. Sorry just MHO.

November 4th, 1999, 08:06 AM
KeithB, since Masters was a pro-am, there are no automatic deductions in the SP for falls, so its possible that the judges did not take off the whole 0.4. They usually are much more generous with the marks in pro-am and fluffier events. One interesting thing we all have to keep in mind for worlds is that the LP has taken on even greater significance than it used to because of the qualifying round counting. Even if Maria got better scores on the SP (and that is a big *if*) it only counts for 30% of the score, and the LP counts for 70% (20% qualifying skate, 50% LP). That means Michelle's Red Violin program gets to be performed twice, and those poor judges are going to have to sit through Maria's Carmen music twice, when they're probably already sick to death of the same old music. Think about it.

November 4th, 1999, 11:37 AM
I haven't seen MK's sp ...but I've seen Maria's...and let me tell you that I luv the program!!!...I think there is a wonderful quality to it...it's captivating... I shouldn't be having an opinion until I have seen MK's new sp...but I think MK needs to up the ante for the sp...definitely!!!

November 4th, 1999, 11:52 AM
Is carmen her program during amateur competitions?. I thought it was just for pro-am competitions.

November 4th, 1999, 11:55 AM
LOL...who knows what Maria is gonna do???...I heard she will do Carmen for lp...her sp is the Sarah Brightman one!!!...

November 4th, 1999, 12:31 PM
I am not bashing...The last 30 sec. of Maria's program...lp...was ala K Witt...but little skating. Why did I find that lp grotesque...Her short was good...except for 2 ax...

November 4th, 1999, 01:17 PM
First of all love Michelle's sp. It is very light hearted. A day in the Life so far does not rank with Rach or DOD as my most favorite, but this is definitely a good program for Michelle IMO. I am surprise no one complain at fsw about MK putting all the jumps in the first 60 secs LOL. It is a change from her past sp, and I think as the season progresses, she will be better and better. I think if she does not upgrade the 3t to 3f, by worlds, her program will be beatable. Maria has a solid 3l, and going into worlds as the reigning champ, I believe she will receive benefit of doubt from judges. I am very surprise that I actually enjoyed Maria's sp. She knows how to sell a program like Roz said repeatedly. I love Sato's sp, she floats on the ice. Her edges and fw are excellent, what a skater. S&Z - I am kind of their fan, and I have always thought costumes do not matter that much. I never liked their costumes in the past, but the fire bird costume at Masters left me speechless. I hope Sandra Bezic their choreographer or someone give them some constructive suggestion on that department. Yingshan, if you are reading this any suggestions? I want S&Z to do much better this season. I like X.S. simplicity though, she is 20 and still puts on minimal make up, very natural. Angela Nik was introduced as the youngest skater by Roz- WRONG, she is 2 months older than Michelle, what was Roz thinking. I&Z - love their program, their hard work seems to pay off a bit. Also Ina's hair is longer again. Remember she cut her hair a couple of mos before Michelle cut hers? I wonder when and if MK will ever grow her hair long again. Katia - seemed so slim, they kept saying that she and Ilia will skate pairs, I want to see her skate pairs again. Love the semi fluff piece about MK skating with Brittany Farve, and throwing the football with Bret Farve. Michelle was so serious, did you see how carefully she was holding onto Brittany, with a look on her face that she did not want to drop Brittany or let her fall. Brittany looked more relax than Michelle. Then when she was throwing the football, she was so relax, probably thinking how jealous her older brother would be.

November 4th, 1999, 01:26 PM
I liked Yuka's short program the best out of the ladies at The Masters And I really like the last part of Maria's lp.

November 4th, 1999, 01:36 PM
I liked Yuka's sp the best to and michelle's free program the best. michelle's moves in KY was better at masters but her jumps were more solid at keri.

November 4th, 1999, 07:45 PM
what exactly did Maria say???

November 7th, 1999, 07:57 AM
kjesse, you are so right, the only part of Maria's Habanera I enjoy is the last part (sorry kwanette!). I think it's overchoreographed and repetitious, more quantity than quality. Less here would be a whole lot more. Wonder what her competitive LP is like? I find it hard to imagine one that is better than TRV, but I am willing to suppose it could be very good. lavender, I liked ADITL very, very much. But I don't think we can judge what its impact will ultimately be by her Masters' performance. The presentation was apparently soooo improved at SA (NYT calling it a masterpiece, etc.). I want to see this performance!!! She was a bit off at SC, so that performance won't be much help in evaluating the program either. Even if MK keeps the 3 toe, she really should win the tech mark over a clean MB with the superiority of her other seven required elements. That doesn't mean that she will, who knows what goes through judges' minds. And, though MB's SP is well presented, the polish and finish (and perfection!) that characterize MK's programs just isn't there yet. Her moments of awkwardness break through sometimes, and lower the quality of the presentation overall, IMO. So I think MK ought to edge MB on the presentation mark as well, but again, who can say.

November 7th, 1999, 01:26 PM
I think Sarah Brighton was the one who got those presentation marks because Maria did not execute that music. And I do hope those narrow minded judges don't get too carried away by Sarah B that they are not scrutinizing Maria's unfinished moves. MK remains the more polished skater but if a judge is too busy day dreaming to Sarah's voice ( and I don't blame anyone, I personnally like Sarah ) but who is going to approach that judge and tell him/her they did not complete their job.

November 7th, 1999, 01:30 PM
it's the music...not Maria!!!

A fan
November 8th, 1999, 01:52 PM
Sarah Brightman is the one who gets the 5.8 for presentation not Maria, esp. after that splat. For that matter I also think Nessun Dorma the music is what gets those high presentation marks for Sarah not her skating. I really like Michelle's new SP, even her costume has really grown on me. The color is beautiful. What I don't get is, last year everyone's complaining about her rut, CB said the judges are practically yawning when she skates by, so this year she changes the music and style completely and now everyone's saying Maria's classical type music and program will get higher marks ? Whatever. And anyway I'll bet if they switch programs Michelle can skate hers 10x better than she does and I can't even picture her skating to Michelle's Sp. I'm not sure if I like Michelle's RV dress though. Don't get me wrong I think it looks great on her but I think she needs more fabric for a competition dress. She is only 19 after all. I'm looking forward to seeing her new costume. I think RV is a masterpiece in the making. I can't picture *anyone* skating to that piece of music half as well as Michelle did at SA. I think that's why she got such high presentation marks, because the judges appreciate the fact that it's her skating that's carrying the music, not the other way around.