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January 9th, 2000, 08:18 PM
And other critics? I feel that ADITL was wonderful and plenty of 'branching out' but since the Button Man is not APPROVING let us create a program for Michelle ourselves ;- This is totally for fun & not to be serious ok!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ OK I say she should find some heavy metal music, maybe Metallica (my sister's fav band ICK!), dye her hair purple (cuz purple is my fav color and if MK is to tamper with her natural gorgeous black hair it MUST be to turn it PURPLE!) & get an outfit in black leather with lots of shiny metal studs and a chain or three. Where do we go from here people????

January 9th, 2000, 08:34 PM
I say she can skate to rap. 2 Live Crew would be good. She can wear one of those bikini top things, or maybe the strategically placed doodads. Also, she can wear a skirt so short you can see "panties" as Howard Stern put it, even when she's standing still doing nothing. Maybe she can even pad her skirt to look like she has a real "ghetto booty". Not sure what to do with her hair, maybe dye it the color of her costume, or shave it all off and tattoo her scalp. The program can consist of wiggling around on the ice and shaking her butt, with a few jumps and spins (maybe). When she sees cute guys in the audience, she can crawl all over them and French kiss them. She can see Philippe Candeloro for lessons on that. Perhaps she can roll around on the ice or do lots of lewd movements. And let's not forget the 500 pounds of black eye shadow, lipstick, and rouge.

January 9th, 2000, 08:53 PM
Sometimes I think Dick just has to be Devil's Advocate, in a sense. When Michelle's on a roll and winning everything Dick has to talk and talk about everybody BUT MK. He has to find something negative to say. They could not shut up about her free leg(which was fair) on the layback but as soon as she corrected it, then it became"she could have more arch in her back"....HUH???? where exactly did that come from? Remember last season at Nationals when she was dominating all season it was , she's so complete, ho-hum. But as soon as she had troubles in the short it was"even with the mistake, it's better than ANYONE else" she also became "MAGNIFICENT", after she lost. She has to be SO MUCH MORE perfect and creative and prolific than EVERYBODY else. Dick seemed to be going nuts over everybody else except Michelle. Am I being overly sensitive? I think he just puts her on a different level than anyone else. I'm pretty sure he thinks she is the best. I don't mind fair criticism(from people who love her)but it's ridiculous to expect something earthshattering everytime she steps out on the ice. Who else comes up with so many different programs that are so good? NOBODY. My GAWD, she's a full time student AND an elite skater(staying #1) how many exhibition programs does he think she should do in a year? UGH! I'm finished!

January 9th, 2000, 09:02 PM
You guys are not in your element. I say Michelle should skate to DMX Ruff Ryder's Anthem. Nothing and I mean nothing but flimsy leather hot pants and black bikini top. If you're going to go rap, go for Gangsta with the old Dr. Dre and Snoop doing Nothing but a G thang. She can wear a colored bandana to indicate her gang affiliation and of-course a drive by skating movement for the judges right. That, or to give Tim Goebel a hint, MK should skate to TLC's "No Scrubs" and go for a futuristic techno outfit.

January 9th, 2000, 10:32 PM
ITA! I thought I was being overly sensitive at first also, but as you say it's like MK has to come up with something "earth-shattering" everytime she takes the ice! It seems no other lady is judged the same way MK is. As you said, "She has to be SO MUCH MORE perfect and creative and prolific than EVERYBODY else."

January 9th, 2000, 10:47 PM
what other ways for MK to "branchs-out" and stay "earthy" then to skate to different segments of folk musics from around the world?????? (it's kind of like "it's a small world" kind of thing) folk musics are great, because judges and critics around the world can all relate to the music. For MK's lp she should skate to little segments from every countries (specially formal Soviet) it will sure to please EVERYBODY....which is OF COURSE what we expect MK to accomplish...EVERY TIME...she steps on ice.....LOL As for outfit, MK should ask MB for her old dress from last year's lp. So she can please those judges who like long slv, some who like short slv, some who like a skirt and etc. And maybe after MK finish pleasing EVERYBODY, she can switch back on her own styles for her FAN WHO LOVE HER FOR WHO SHE IS.

January 9th, 2000, 11:57 PM
Grace, elegance, flows beautifully. Remember back in 1998 after she skated Rach 3rd in Nagano, Scott H. said that "they" really want this style of skating for the next generation of skaters. So I think Michelle's style is perfectly fine...besides, she's showed a lotta different style already, I'd say Lyra Angelica is heck a lot different from the Red Violin. And besides, Michelle's a legend already.

January 10th, 2000, 03:38 AM
hands I thought had it's own unique quality, I thoughjt it was different from any other MK program. I do agrre she could have had more arch in this particular layback but all her others this year have been brilliant

January 10th, 2000, 05:17 AM

January 10th, 2000, 05:42 AM
Sorry for the test, I was having trouble posting. "Hands" is a branch-out, I think, in the style that was (sort of) debuted at the first Keri competition this year---the relaxed, confident, flowing style that conveys so much emotion even in the simple choreographic moves. I think I'd say about this program something akin to what Mr. B. said about Kurt's skating: that Michelle's deceptively effortless, flowing, seemingly simple yet powerfully emotional skating displays a great deal more techinical and artistic control and mastery than even a more busy choreographic style would perhaps require. Beautiful economy of choreography and purity of movement, reminding me of the great Dorothy herself, yet so subtle and so powerful. Loved this program!! And the new layback arms variation--it wasn't perfectly on time with the lyrics ("God's hands") in this performance, but I see how overwhelming it will be when it is, and it was beautiful to watch in this program too. And the hand movements on the Kwan spiral! And the new spiral variation at the end of the Kwan spiral! (thanks a lot, BTW, to the camera directors for the very poor shot we had of this--I wouldn't really even know what it even looked like without the photos that were posted). And the arm and leg movements--the swinging ones, the outstretched ones that flowed through her body, the little rolling hand movments at the beginning--all so subtle and so very, very moving. Mr. B. and Peggy were overgeneralizing here a bit--sure Michelle's competitive SPs and LPs often use choreography that's full of tension and drama, but what about Winter, On My Own, Lyra, Dante's Prayer, EOE, One More Time, or even ADITL and the exhibition version of TRV? Not exactly the most tense and melodramatic of programs, I'd call some of them soft and gentle too, but some of Michelle's (and skating's) best programs nonetheless. I could have used less talking during the skates--sigh, so what else is new? Also, thanks for that shot of Michelle only from the waist up while she was doing a short footwork sequence. We now have no idea, of course, what the footwork was. I am patiently waiting for Lulu to do a classical, lyrical, or romantic program, so that I can revel in those beautiful lines and that exquisite grace of movement again. I don't care if she never does another jump if she does programs in which that exquisiteness is on display. Finally, Sarah, Dorothy, Todd, Kurt, Elvis, and Surya (never thought I'd be saying that last one!) were absolutely wonderful in every way. Liz, Tim, Michael, and Victor did excellent jobs. What a great competition. And the closing shots during the credits (skaters dancing, celebrating, throwing flowers) were fantastic and interesting, for once!

January 10th, 2000, 05:49 AM
Well I don't think DB was criticizing ADITL but just Hands as not being an example of "branching out". I agree though that he seemed pretty critical of MK! I guess he expects something spectacular and new even though it is an exhibition number. It annoyed me that he kept talking about her "inside spiral". Is he forgetting that she switches to an outside edge?

January 10th, 2000, 06:32 AM
...that I don't think that ADITL is an example of "Michelle's usual choreography, which is full of tension and drama", which actually I think Peggy said. ADITL is more full of lightheartedness, ease, and fun, I would say. For tension and drama, yes, there's FOC and Rach and Ariane and The Red Violin, but I think it's an overstatement to say that Michelle's choreography is *usually* (or even mostly) like that. And, if DB didn't think he saw something spectacular in Hands, well....we all agree, I believe, that he's just wrong!

January 10th, 2000, 09:48 AM
I was watching this with my best friend and she felt the same as I. I mean we have been watching her MK tapes and then we watched the Hands program and listening to DB comments on MK, all we could think about is what do they want from her? I mean what can she do to please these people. Maybe she should skate to Limp Bizcuts "Nookie" Or Korns "Freak on a Leash"?? While I didn't like the song, I really like the program and the well executed moves. My point is that Michelle will never be able to please fans, and DK and Peggy Flemmings alike. She should skate for herself and make herself happy. If she isn't comfortable skating in another style, then I would hate for her to put herself out just to make other people happy. She is the best skater out there and had Maria, Irina, Viktoria or any other skater out there skated like Michelle did with "Hands" DB and everyone else who critized would be gushing over this program. That being said, I think the kiss that Tim gave Michelle was just so CUTE!!!!!!! :) I guess I'm in the minority in that respect. :)

January 10th, 2000, 10:30 AM
I have seen critisism in the past about Dick favoring Michelle. Maybe not he is overcompensating in the opposite direction. I could watch Michelle just doing laps around the ice. However I do think that sometimes it seems like she has 50 elements and she just shuffles them around for each program. I think Dick's comments are significant because Michelle has people nipping at her heels and she has GOT to come up with something new and different to stay ahead. Of course she has some time before 2002 and maybe she is working on something and they will wait until the end of 2001 to show it. I hope so!!!

January 10th, 2000, 11:17 AM
I think you could be right about over compensating. Like I said, my feeling is that he does think Michelle is the best. You know, I wouldn't mind the comments about not branching out if this were an important event or competition. I really don't mind some things that Dick criticizes Michelle for because I think he wants her to improve and live up to her legend. I just got miffed because it was a "fluff" comp while she is preparing for GPF and not to mention a full time student. He should take it for what it was. A perfect program(that she probobly put together in a weekend) for the type of fun comp that it was.

January 10th, 2000, 11:52 AM
For the Metallica program how about "The Unforgiven"? with the purple hair she can wear dark colored contacts. Or for a fitting song "rearranged" by Limp Bizkit? No one mentioned "still D.R.E."...How about something by the Hotboys? She needs lots of poses, too much make-up,something that might be mistaken for a costume, stop and dance, jump into the audience, do a backfip, and do all her moves jerkily. I think Michelle has branched out, her skating has a different feel this year. Going from Rach and Lyra to FOC and Ariane to ADITL and TRV seems to me as trying new things and I cannot see how anyone can say they are the same.

January 10th, 2000, 11:59 AM
Like '99 Natl's. Dickie's found his muse this time in Sarah Hughes and MK is fair game. Methinks that all skaters have a given amount of elements in their program and reshuffles them over and over in new programs. I mean, I don't mind seeing Surya's Backflip into 3 Sal, but she always does that in all her programs at the same point of the program too. Sarah's new program is a rehash of her Time to Say Goodbye number (Also Bocelli) except that her presentation has improved. Why do you think we all pretty much joked earlier that Michelle should really branch out stylistically as well (Rap, metal). Funny thing is, if MK does something she's done before it's same old, same old, yet when somebody else does what MK does, it's something new and innovative. A bit of a double standard of sorts, methinks. I bet come Nationals, not only are we going to see side-by-side camera shots of MK's much maligned layback, her martini glass or Y spin as well as her spirals will have the same treatment. DB: Just see these side-by-side shots of Michelle and Sarah's spiral. Look at the extension that Sarah achieves, spectacular. Michelle's is good, but could extend her free leg a bit more. PF: True, also, if you look at this side-by-side shot of Michelle and Sarah's split falling leaf, you will also see a difference in their extension. Sarah's just floats in the air. Michelle looks like she has a ball of chain attached to her foot. (exagerating here).

January 10th, 2000, 12:57 PM
Yeah side-by-side comparisons probably WILL happen Mano! At which point I will yell at the screen! SJB-- I was actually directing the ADITL comment to Shallah. :o) Bananak-- Michelle IS doing new and different things...for her competitive programs! Have you seen ADITL and the gorgeous RV?? No, Hands isn't a completely new-ish program for her. So what? It's an exhibition number and it IS beautiful. I am so glad that she comes out with two exhibitions per season. It's like a treat! :)

January 10th, 2000, 01:07 PM
Dreamr said: "had Maria, Irina, Viktoria or any other skater out there skated like Michelle did with "Hands" DB and everyone else who critized would be gushing over this program". This is so true, and it really *bugs* me.

January 10th, 2000, 01:47 PM
That's what drives me crazy TOO!!!!!!

January 10th, 2000, 02:40 PM
Dreamr, AYS, and Rene: I KNOW!!!!! Man, does it bug me, too! MK is compared to perfection and everyone else to their typical sub-par performances...how irritating. That aside, I enjoyed the event a lot, especially that wonderful new program!

January 10th, 2000, 02:42 PM
ITA with the perfection comment. I think that it rubs off on me too though. --ct

January 10th, 2000, 03:41 PM
Michelle's naysayers won't be satisfied until they see her skate with DREADLOCKS to Busta Rhymes amplified at maximum volume, while wearing one of LIL KIM'S garner-belt/"JUST LOOK AT ME IN ALL MY NAKED GLORY" outfits. Michelle was branching out are along, if the doubters would just look at her entire repertiore of programs they would observe an gradual growth and progression from season to season.

January 10th, 2000, 03:59 PM
You guys all CRACK ME UP!! I think she should dress up in a police costume and skate to YMCA! Or better yet, skate to Notorious BIG's "Big Papa" wearing nothing but a hot pink rubber bikini, and a black boa!! Crazy.... But in all seriousness, I think she has done a very good job in "branching out". There is a very thin line between branching out, and going insane.... I'm not sure what they all expect?

January 10th, 2000, 04:15 PM
If Michelle doesn't want to do the miniscule skirt thing, she can wear the shortest of short Daisy Dukes. Maybe she can skate to the same song. "Look at that girl with the Daisy Dukes on!"

January 10th, 2000, 04:51 PM
do a Chen Lu number. Stand in one place, rub herself, gyrate and and miss all her jumps. Then skate right up to good old Dick and ask him if it was branching out enough for him! What Chen Lu did was the worst of what skating can be but yet Button seems to fall all over himself when some woman gyrates and looks slutty. I think he is just getting old! Has Dorothy Hamill ever gyrated around and acted that way? Maybe she should branch out also, hunh Dick...she getting too boring for you??

January 10th, 2000, 05:17 PM
Judy Blumberg's (sp?) comments during the '99 World Exhibition when Michelle was doing the TRV number. She said (not the exact quote), she could have done something pretty, light put some doubles and yet she came up with a number so heavy, at some point she needs to let up." With "Hands", it is something light, honest, flowy but hear what Uncle D!ckie has to say! "She is not branching out". Just what does Michelle has to do to keep all of these commentator happy? I wish I own the entire TV network. I will fire all of them!!

January 10th, 2000, 06:43 PM
I know, I am mad at Dick right now but I'll probobly love him again by next time! LOL, maybe we're related. Love/Hate!

January 10th, 2000, 07:00 PM
But for a more fun angst (not classical angst) and new wave, nothing but the Cure's "Disintegration" or the Ramones "I Wanna Be Sedated." Oh, wait, Angela Nikodinov danced to that already (OOmph, just kidding folks.) To continue with the Cure theme, MK should sport her locks in controled chaotic spikes a la Robert Smith (their team leader), black billowy shirt, jeans, and red sneaker cover ups for her skates. Have to have dark eye make up and red lipstick (purposely smudged) to finish the look. She can also wear a bear suit, then she can cop all other skater's styles as she skates to "Why Can't I Be You!!!" Hehehehehe!!! If you were a New Waver back before Grunge Rock came into being you will know exactly what I'm talking about. By the way, remember the quote last year by MK "I'm not your lullaby," or something to that effet...she can always skate to the Cure's Lullaby, bwahahaha, see below for video pic. <img src=http://users.go-free.co.uk/ianr/videostills/lul5.JPG> MK would look perfect in that.

January 10th, 2000, 07:22 PM
How about skating to Marilyn Manson? And dressing like him? Stagebabe -- Wonder if Lulu has any leftover grapes left for Michelle to give to D!ck and Co.?

January 10th, 2000, 07:47 PM
Oh No...he went senil!!! Time to retire?!

January 10th, 2000, 07:51 PM
Not even for the NOBEL CAUSE of Impressing D i c k B u t t o n should Michelle skate to mm! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! {weep} Shallah, in tears at the thought!

January 10th, 2000, 08:01 PM
MK would be able to interpret the Dope Show perfectly. Her costume can be a la Marilyn Manson complete with butt showing to moon the judges. That or she can skate to Cypress Hill's Insane in the Brain (Insane in the membrane) and the audience can throw out Marijuana after she performs. She can then offer them to the judges to assure the perfect 6.0. Dickie doesn't need it since he seems to be high all the time anyway, heehee. Just major kidding folks!!!

January 11th, 2000, 02:58 AM
Do you guys get the feeling that D!ck reads these internet boards? Sometimes I think his criticisms or comments seem like he is responding to stuff I read around here. Of course the same stuff may be flying around the rinks as well, I guess...

January 11th, 2000, 07:42 AM
I believe very strongly, that once in a while, individuals who possess a high opinion of another, have "pauses" on these wonderfully stated compliments. Sometimes, the person (in this case, Michelle) is so not the ordinary, so in a class of one's own, that comparisons are made with that very own person. Michelle is simply being compared to Michelle. Regarding the comments about Sarah Hughes, I feel strongly that the commentators were very excited about her (not to mention how much I also was); the enthusiasm is that of observing something which one has never witnessed before. We have seen Michelle's brilliance repeatedly, and we all do recognize her uniqueness. However, Sarah is a young child who does not skate like one; she performed with such maturity and elegance beyond her years. This is something newly introduced, sort of speak, and it's that quality of that momment which in my opinion led to the "continuous compliments on Sarah" (which I appreciated and believe she deserved. However, I do not feel Sarah skated more exquistely than Michelle (not to say that the commentators did anyway); at that event, Sarah presented to the audience something they have not seen for a large period of time- that youthful grace which Michelle had when she was portraying Salome and Pocahontas.

January 11th, 2000, 08:07 AM
Well said, Valerie. I also think the same exact phenomenon occurred at last year's nationals, with Naomi Nari Nam. Also, it is not as hugely noticeable when Michelle improves as when the young ones do. Sarah, Naomi, etc. are still in the *exponential* phase of their development. Michelle made exponential leaps in that famous 1995-1996 period. Her refinements now are at times so subtle, and subtlety is not always what commentators and fans latch on to.

January 11th, 2000, 08:35 AM
laughing & laughing out loud! But you know what, maybe that would consistute "branching out' for Mr Button, has anyone asked him? I love Hands & I know only a mature & confident skater can deliver this program the way MK did, PERIOD! Maybe if Mr Button is looking to be impressed, he can get on the ice & skate any of MK's programs himself, then he can be impressed with himself, about himself & of himself, totally! AYS & dreamer you guys nailed Dick's hypocrisy, true, had any other skater performed Hands any where near MK's standard, the gushing would not have stopped. Well MK has my vote, I love her Hands program. And I am glad how you all got emotional because the same happened to me, especially when I heard the words 'In God's hands we receive blessing', I was more than crying at that point. It was a hard day & having MK skate so beautifully & add closure was God's blessing to me.

January 11th, 2000, 12:28 PM
LOL Mano about Robert Smith! I can't believe I used to think he was cute! What WAS I thinking??

January 11th, 2000, 12:46 PM
Don't mess with Robert Smith, for he defeated Barbara Streisand in South Park. He is cute in a weird kind of way. Believe it or not, I used to have his hairstyle back in 10th grade. I spiked up my hair as high as his. My weapons of choice, super powered hair dryer as well as a ton of gel and hairspray. Those were the days, sigh.

January 11th, 2000, 12:52 PM
AYS and Val...I sorta think so too!!! I mean...I think MK's programs are so peaceful (this version of "Hands" with Jewel's soft voice is so calming!!!)!!! Ya know...MK's music NOW is sometimes "too" serene!!! Not that I mind...but for the lay person...it may not amuse them as much as a song that is powerful (I mean...Celine and Andre B's voices are more than powerful!!!)???...I think the actual music has a lot to do with it!!! GUYS!!!...how about skating to something like Krylova & Ovsiannikov's free dance music last year??? Now that's branching out!!!

January 11th, 2000, 02:54 PM
I think Michelle's "Hands" performance was very soft and more introspective than any of her other programs. She always seems to send a message to all of us in her programs, but I feel that this was even more of a message. I guess Mr. B is looking for more of an "In your face" change than subtle ones. For instance, Sarah has made many improvements from this year to last year...holding her moves...listening to and emoting the music...we all can recognize this. Michelle's improvements are in the details....her layback spin is improving...I loved the variation with her arms and hands in her new program, her speed & flow are better that ever. She's had a tough semester and I'm sure at this point, especially around finals, it could have taken its toll. I think we will see Michelle better than ever this season (hopefully) w/ the next 3 events coming up. As long as she still loves what she does, I'm happy! Go Michelle! ******Maybe Michelle should skate to Godsmack or hey what about Ricky Martin!!!!!! J/K********

January 11th, 2000, 08:13 PM
Not only did I have my hair like him(kinda) I tried to wear my make-up like him(kinda)! What an IDIOT!LOL!!! I can't even say anything about the way my 15 year old son wants to dress like a "skater" because when I think about it I looked worse than he does. I'm luckier than MY mom was!

January 11th, 2000, 08:28 PM
Maybe during one of her programs she should skate over to the announcer's booth and give him a good ol' whack on the knee. I personally can't stand the guy and if he does read these message boards then he obviously doesn't adapt well to criticism b/c he still talks to damn much.

January 11th, 2000, 08:30 PM
have make-up like him 'cause my face was pale enough. Just lipstick, but I didn't go over the lines and when I pull all-nighters I really look like that pic from Lullaby...nuff said. Out of curiosity...what generation was your mom in that made us Big 80's generation luckier? My mom spent her teen years looking up to Audrey Hepburn's style in the late 40's early 50's. Blizzard, ITA. Dickie just couldn't stop talking. It was like Ariane at Nationals all over again. Here's to hoping we get Roz Sumners and Peter Carruthers to do a better job at Japan Open (can't believe I just said that). Remember back in the Master's Comp, MK struck both Roz and Pete mighty speechless with her Kissing You program. Here's to hoping that phenomenon will happen again at Japan Open.

January 11th, 2000, 08:41 PM
She was born in 1945. She had me when she was 17yrs old. She looked pretty typical "Happy Days" not too much style though(sorry mom, love ya). That is SO COOL that your mom looked like Audrey Hepburn. I think she was one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen! I love that look.

January 12th, 2000, 07:43 AM
first of all, when did dickie doodles say this? I can't believe I missed it! I have to admit he's right. Michelle needs to bring her off-ice personality on to the ice.

January 12th, 2000, 08:37 AM
I think Michelle might 'branch out' more next year. This year has probably been really tough for her, getting adjusted to college and still competing, so frankly I can't blame Michelle for sticking to a style that she's comfortable with right now :) And seriously, how many amateurs have actually really done a *big* variety of styles of numbers that really worked. I think Michelle will have plenty of time to develop other styles and stuff even if she waits till she turns pro.

January 12th, 2000, 09:29 AM
I am getting nervous about this. We all know that Dick LOVES Michelle. - Maybe he is trying to send her a message, that unless she is going to come out with something dramatic - that makes the judges go "Wow" that there is a possibility that she will get passed by Sarah and/or Maria where improvement is easier to see. The nice peaceful program is NOT going to cut it when the competition is as fierce as it is going to be this year and in 2001 & 2002. Michelle is my absolute favorite skater, but I can be objective and note what is happening...especially with Sarah who I am not even all that fond of.

January 12th, 2000, 03:08 PM
LOL, I think we were born in the same year Rene. mano...I'm not sure. Only I went through (in order, I think) Elton John, Queen, Prince, Depeche Mode, and all the other popular songs if not artists of that time. I don't really like The Cure, but my hubby does. I too spiked my hair, but not as much :-)!

January 12th, 2000, 03:38 PM
These ways for MK to branch out are really LOL you guys. Don't stop! Here are my suggestions: 1. Something Country/Western How about Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places" or the song "I Like My Women A Little On The Trashy Side." (I forget who did that one.) She should have done that one at the Divas program and dedicated it to D!ck. 2. Something Very Upbeat and Patriotic How about "Stars and Stripes Forever" skated with sparklers in both hands. I don't think she's used too many props yet. 3. Prince's "Baby I'm A Star." Forget the humility and flaunt the brilliance. I don't think she's done that one yet. 4. Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It." She doesn't have to just stand back and say nothing in response to her critics now does she? On a more serious note, I think it depends on which day you catch Mr. Button. Remember him making similar comments but in a much more flattering way during the 99 Worlds Red Viiolin exhibition. Maybe he suffers from split personality.

January 12th, 2000, 03:42 PM
you guys are bad! Mano, Love the one about Michelle mooning the judges. I'd actually love Michelle to spike her hair and do something punky, but not too weird LOL! Maybe Michelle is saving up for her pro debut or Oly exhibition. Imagine if she went out of character and did something really wild, the audience would looooove it! Of course, I'm not talking slutty, just different. AYS, I believe many people in the skating world read these boards.

January 12th, 2000, 04:07 PM
I don't mind if MK doesn't so-called "branch-out" until 2001/2002 season...because it will be more exciting...JMHO!!! Ya know some people will still say "she's always the same"...as with one person in my group for this project we were doing last year said!!!...anywayzzz!!! So I'll just enjoy MK's performances as much as I can...which won't be very hard!!!

January 13th, 2000, 05:56 AM
The ONLY category where anyone can truly say MK hasn't "branched out" this year is in EXHIBITION NUMBERS! BIG DEAL! Look at ADITL-- it is so jazzy and free and spirited. When has she ever had a SP like that? Look at RV. It is definitely different from the character-driven Taj and Salome and the angelic Lyra. It has more high's and low's and more interesting choreography IMO than Ariane. So I think RV is a departure for her in a sense. :o)

January 13th, 2000, 11:10 AM
When I heard Dickie-boy make those comments about Michelle not branching out, I could slapped those words right back in his mouth! I'm like what the hell is he talking about? Is ADITL not a departure from what we're seeing from Michelle? Michelle has more than branched out this year, she's also improved her layback, she's has her triple/triple among other things. What more do people want? she's given us 4 new programs this year! (I count RV as new although it was exhibition) and ALL of this while pursuing her 1st year in college. Michelle is only human, atleast she's made noticeable changes this year...how many skaters can we say that about? not many. I'm so proud of Michelle because she's been able to incorporate school in her hectic life and for me, I can the difference in her skating...BTW, I'm over here in my cubicle LMAO at some of the suggestions for brancing out...maybe when they introduce her, they should cue the music "Where My Dogs At" and as she skates out w/ her posse pimp stepping, raising the roof! and her fans are giving the honorary bark shout-out (puppies to the big dogs WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!!), skate by each of the judges and throw them a big ole juicy bone and then nicely take her position (maybe with a Taj Mahal, Salome, or Hands pose) on the ice as if it's business as usual ...now that's branching out for ya! Teddy99 keeper of the title "Michelle Kwan, #1 Skater of the Decade!"

January 14th, 2000, 07:30 PM
Hehe, Teddy99, that was funny:)!!!