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  1. Please Read: World Coverage and FSU (Updated Schedule)
  2. Worlds Links - Results, Photo Search, etc
  3. Will the world stop rotating IF Michelle doesn't win or
  4. What's up with Michellel lately?
  6. Elena looked like she hurt herself...
  7. Callaghan thinks message being sent
  8. MKF Strategy
  9. MK Wont, but wouldnt it be great if..
  10. Why no North American Judges for Ladies SP?
  11. Article: "Bitter Kwan"
  12. Protest the ISU here-I just did for the hell of it!
  13. Top Ten Reasons....
  14. Just watched the Short: Best TFB to date
  15. Jenny K
  17. I feel so proud of Michelle
  18. Sooooooooo tempting
  20. Why didn't michelle wanna to be coach by TT?
  21. I don't know about everyone else but I'm happy
  22. Warning: Really, really shallow question
  23. Jennifer Robinson announces retirement from skating
  24. A picture of THE GUY
  25. Why is everyone so happy right now?
  26. How did Fumie do??
  27. Spots for next year.
  28. News Articles
  29. Pddium Pictures
  30. Thank you Note to FSU
  31. This is just a horrible horrible Worlds competition
  32. Predictions on Dick and Peggy's comments
  33. MK LP pics!
  34. SP Timing Deduction did Not Affect Final Standings
  35. TT strike it again
  36. Well, at least she has a full set now!
  38. This is exactly what I wanted to see at Worlds
  39. Brenan article
  40. Who were the judges in the Q/SP/LP
  41. Michelle still America's Champion
  42. Does anybody have a link to Download the Short Program?
  43. 2004-2005 grand prix series
  44. Kwan Arakawa FREE SKATE Videos 6.0s!!
  45. I just got spoiled so I'm coming to check in....
  46. Exhibition
  47. Streakers website
  48. Luenatic´s ladies LP report
  49. New Article says Kwan plans to go to Turino!!!!!!
  50. My Worlds Photos
  51. Janet Lynn Comparison
  52. Ladies Free Skate Last Group's Ordinals
  53. The most gorgeous picture ever!
  54. Captioned Pics
  55. Worlds 2004 - First time poster
  56. Michelle's Dignity and Grace has helped me grow as a person!
  57. So what happened about the judging
  58. I honestly believe that...
  59. Jan Hoffman does it again!!!
  60. isnt it interesting to see
  61. Why aren't other 20 something skaters being urged to retire?
  62. Who says Michelle's Choreography is lacking?
  63. 6.0 Count: How many?
  64. What will Sasha do now?
  65. CBC Article mentions MK Fan Club!
  66. Providence
  67. Why penalize Michelle when other skate too long?
  68. Michelle Kwan's 3rd place finish at World's
  69. Thank you Michelle!
  70. SP Video?
  71. Ladies LP at the link, playing right now
  72. Barb Underhill and thinking before speaking
  73. discussion on LP skate- anyone who saw it
  74. ATTENTION: all male MK Fans
  75. Did Michelle break record? what I got out of this!
  76. Irina's SP and LP dress..
  77. MIchelle's Lutz
  78. Congratulations Michelle!
  79. ESPN will show the ladies short at 6pm. Stop Watch Time
  80. Something is still fishy to me
  81. Shizuka now does the Beaver Cleaver too!!!!
  82. USFSA Article on Ladies LP and the Streaker
  83. Serious comment about Michelle and the streaker
  84. Michelle's Bronze is a Gold!
  85. just watched MK's LP...
  86. ESPN???????
  87. Well first time hearing all day
  88. triple/triple
  89. ladies short on ESPN
  90. SP Layback spin
  91. Kwan's program totally overmarked!!!
  92. TFB on FIRE at Worlds....
  93. Michelle's SP on ESPN now!
  94. Dick & Peggy after MK's short on ESPN
  95. Judging Panels-Edited to fix mistakes!! Sorry
  96. MK WOW!
  97. Cohen's program was totally overmarked
  98. Sasha flutz not mentioned by Dick & Peggy?
  99. Julia Sebesten received ordinals over Michelle!?!?!?!?!
  100. Good Coverage
  101. Miki & Shizuka...didn't impress me at all
  102. will SPs be on abc?
  103. Let the conspiracy theories begin....
  104. Time Question
  105. World Champion and Mom
  106. Raphael
  107. Judges sending a message
  108. Kwan vs Cohen SP
  109. OMG...
  110. Dickie's comment about Sasha's breathing...
  111. More detailed article on MK's reaction to streaker
  112. They chacked the rest of the SPs on ABC!
  113. Just saw the shorts
  114. Time violation was not even a mandatory deduction!
  115. Irina
  116. Michelle is a winner
  117. oh no, don't let those evil people get to you
  118. Michelle is debating about future plans...
  119. Real quick PLEASE!! Time of broadcast in CA??
  120. Arakawa V. Kwan
  121. Terry Gannon
  122. Shizuka Arakawa
  123. Sweet,Sweet Michelle.....
  124. Jan Hoffman's Fate
  125. Hersh's new article
  126. What we all need to remember is......
  127. IRINA
  128. Barb Underhill & the rest - where's Japan's artistry?
  129. Shizuka's LP
  130. Has the LP aired on the East coast yet?
  131. The look she gave at the beginning of LP
  132. Bless ABC
  133. Michelle vs. Sasha LP
  134. Is it the end of Sasha Cohen?
  135. Unbelievable that some people are still tryin
  136. I like Rafael even more!!!!
  137. Peggy Outdid Herself Tonight
  138. Security breach worse than I orignally thought!!!
  139. How will the new CoP work?
  140. Too late now but...
  141. Michelle Will Be Here Next Year
  142. What did the streaker have written on him?
  143. will MK be in the Marshalls Figure Skating Challenge?
  144. Article took Kwan out of context I think
  145. michelle says maybe to going to turin
  146. Major diss by Lisa Guerrero
  147. The Streaker Was Smart B/C
  148. 2nd in the LP, 3rd Overall!!
  149. Shizuka in COI?
  150. Was Arakawa missing about 2 inches from the back
  151. Tom Collins Question
  152. Carolina Koster...5.9's and placed ahead of Julia??????
  153. Shellyfan
  154. Art
  155. WHAT was up with all those 6.0s?
  156. what the
  157. Not all bad! She has the entire collection!
  158. This Worlds was just DISGUSTING!
  159. Stilling her shine.
  160. Jenny kirk's freeskate
  161. Next year I want Michelle to Skate to .....
  162. Congrats to our girl, Michelle!
  163. MK Short Program
  164. Finished watching ABC
  165. I was scared for Michelle's safety
  166. Who thinks it's weird that Sasha....
  167. Just curious...
  168. This Years World Champs Will Not Rest Well
  169. Where can i Download SP/LP videos?
  170. Photos from the Worlds LP
  171. TT vs. Robin W.
  172. I could see Sasha's ribs through her costume...
  173. MKs edges
  174. what's wrong w/ sasha?
  175. I am proud of Michelle
  176. General Thoughts on Ladies Long
  177. actual thread turned ramble
  178. Nice pics of ladies podium
  179. Look on the bright side: just 1 judge away..
  180. Love these pics of Shizuka
  181. The "CELEBRATION" thread
  182. What are the chances?
  183. Please ignore certain posts....
  184. After SLC this is a walk in the park!!
  185. Dick & Peggy's Comment
  186. Question
  187. She's SuperKwan!!!
  188. What did it say on the streaker's chest?
  189. callaghan's comments?
  190. Michelle would have won, but she was in a harder QR
  191. Fumie's LP??
  192. Michelle's 6.0's
  193. Nice ISU article about the Ladies Long
  194. Article about Worlds from Ice Skating International Online
  195. Wary about the COP system??
  196. Detailed Michelle interview pre-Worlds. Mentions GP
  197. A Funny Short Article on Michelle's Time Deduction
  198. Christel's Saturday at Worlds Report
  199. Any article by Hirsh on LP and Worlds?
  200. Comments About MK at Worlds, I am so Impressed!
  201. Michelle was cheated!
  202. Videos videos!? and costume
  203. Exhibition Thread
  204. Gala Pics
  205. they want her out, seriosly
  206. Ran into Micheal and Jenny stayed at our hotel..
  207. The Streaker was staged...
  208. Cinquanta has some explaining to do! All CHEATS!!!!!!
  210. K&C, S&R -
  211. Did anyone notice?
  212. 1997 & 2004 Worlds
  213. MK's LP....Not As Great as Nationals, but still awesome
  214. Arakawa's 2l in combo - so cheated??
  215. Help! When is Ladies Short Shown Again?
  216. Michelle...the actress
  217. I hate the qualifying round
  218. Skaters retiring after this season
  219. The ISU is not trying to get rid of MK
  220. Sasha's SP LP Next year?
  221. Where can I download her worlds performances?
  222. Does anyone know.....
  223. I almost wish Michelle would retire!!
  224. FULL report on Worlds 2004 DOrtmund- beginner's experience
  225. TV Coverage
  226. Barb Underhill.
  227. Arakawa 22 ? OMG
  228. Funny thing on Yahoo! news
  229. Ordinals?
  230. Shizuka's Ina Bauer..
  231. When is Michelle on Today Show?
  232. MK's new jump technique or improved old technique
  233. The massacre of Sasha's Swan Lake LP
  234. MK and the streaker were on the news
  235. NO 6th Gold Medal for the Worlds
  236. My totally wierd Worlds experience
  237. FULL report Of WORLDS. part 2
  238. Skating Doesn't Get Enough Coverage!
  239. 3/3/2 @ Gala
  240. Gold blades?
  241. Irony?
  242. Michelle is still on the podium!!
  243. Can skating survive without MK?
  244. exhibition
  245. OMG!!
  246. 2004 Worlds ---A point of view
  247. Lisa Guerrero
  248. Time Deduction - Someone Knowledge Please Shed Light
  249. What did Dick Button mean?
  250. So What, who Cares